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The former owner of this thing was a real tourist and, it seems, often went on very difficult, on the verge of human endurance, hiking trips. He knew how to distribute correctly the weight that he carried, and which things to give preference to. The coat pockets and the educated choice of the backpack allow its owner to carry a heavy weight.

In-game description

The Tourist Suit is a unique variant of the Stalker suit featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The sole but notable speciality of this suit lies in featuring additional 20kg of maximum carrying capacity (70kg compared to 50kg as found in regular Stalker suit as well as all the other suits) but weighs roughly the same (5kg), which makes it very effective for carrying extra equipment.

However, despite the valuable advantage, it still possesses two major drawbacks. Firstly, if its user passes the maximum carrying weight (if carrying more than 70kg, in other words), it will immediately become immobilized (while in all other suits, one would still be able to at least walk if not passed further 10kg more of the maximum weight). Second and even larger disadvantage regarding this suit is the fact that its user will still become quickly tired while sprinting if already passes 50kg of the carried weight (same as in all other suits), despite the fact that this suit has capacity of 70kg. Tourist suit will not allow the player to sprint more than with other (regular), so carrying more than 50kg of weight and sprinting will again rapidly drain endurance - its user may be able to carry more, but will not be able to sprint for longer distances unless augmented by multiple powerful endurance artifacts. This means that the only possible way of carrying this suit with effect is to combine it with five electro artifacts on the belt, such as powerful Moonlight or at least Flash (since Sparkler is still too weak for such task). However, since both of these artifacts are still relatively easy to find or acquire - from stashes to locations (Flash can be sometimes found even in corpses of various Loners, Bandits, Freedomers, Duty members and even Ecologists), this suit can be easily used with effect and will have tremendous advantage in carrying equipment over all other suits (especially if carrying something large and heavy like RPG-7 and its OG-7V warheads or larger amount of heavy 9x39mm ammunition together with multiple VOG-25 grenades - which is particulary useful if using Groza automatic rifle with its integrated grenade launcher).

Tourist suit is featured exclusively in Shadow of Chernobyl since there is no chance of upgrading or modifying any equipment (from suits to weaponry) in that installament, as it is possible in the other two; Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. In the other two games it is simply possible to upgrade maximum carrying capacity of almost any regular suit, which simultaneously eliminated any further need for featuring some special/unique suit with increased carrying capacity, like this one.


The only possible way of obtaining this suit is from Sidorovich, who will give it to the player as a reward for completing the side mission regarding an artifact under the name Find the Night Star artifact. This means that the Tourist suit is in most cases difficult to get and can be obtained very rarely, since the Night Star is one of the rarest artifacts in the entire game and is possible to acquire it only in Agroprom, then from Secret stash of smoked (located in laboratory X18) or as a reward for completing another side mission called Kill the traitor, which is given by a Loner called Baldy (and which can often become unavailable, if the target gets accidentally killed before player gets a chance to obtain the mission). At least one (sometimes even two or three) of these artifacts can also be acquired in Pripyat, however, in that (near-last) point of game returning all the way down to Sidorovich in Cordon to obtain the suit will be unlikely in most cases.