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The Train hangar is a location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The Train Hangar is a good strategic place for stalkers in the Garbage location. It is in the middle of the map, and has a lot of cover to offer as well as the advantage of sniping enemies from the high top windows or rooftops.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

The Train Hangar is captured by Loners, and the group leader is Seriy. The Marked One seeks out Seriy as part of the main quest, and finds him in the Train Hangar at the center of the Garbage. After beating back a gang of raiding Bandits, Seriy can be talked to for information about Strelok and the next main quest objective, which is to locate Mole.

Help me fight off the scum first brother, we will talk later...
- Seriy reply to The Marked One


  • Various amount of stuff among dead corpses after the Bandit raid.


Clear Sky Edit

During the events of Clear Sky, the Train Hangar belongs to Bandits. Yoga the Bandits leader has made a well secured place inside the Train Hangar and around its grid. Renegades and Bandits have got all the stratigec points captured in order to prevent Loners and any other factions to make an attack on them.

In Clear Sky if the player decides to enter the Bandits Train Hangar, the player should know that the player must be on friendly or neutral status with them. The Train Hangar has many guards and the doors will be locked once a player hostile to the Bandits is present, but once the player has killed all the guards outside and inside the hangar the doors should open. The player can kill the Bandits inside the hangar by firing through windows and gaps in doors and by using armour-piercing ammunition on the metal front doors. The player can take over the Train Hangar on their own or as part of a mission when joining other Factions. When taking over the Train Hangar when the player is a member of another Faction the player is usually generously rewarded for a successful takeover. Taking over the Train Hangar will not stop the Bandits from re-spawning after the player has left the area.

Loot Edit

  • Various amounts of consumables like food, bandages and ammunition in strongboxes and lockboxes.
  • Various amounts of consumables from dead corpses if the Train Hangar is taken over.
  • Two Desert Eagle pistols can be found early in the game on dead corpses if the Train Hangar is taken over.

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