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I've got a job for you. My boys need to see a trader... you know, business related. It's been hot in the Zone lately, so I thought an extra shooter wouldn't hurt. Make sure the shit goes down nice and smooth.


Something's just come up. The word is that some bandits are planning to buy a batch of weapons. Our boys want to follow them and spoil the transaction. We'd appreciate any help.


The trader needs guards for a business deal. You hardly have to do anything, just stand there and make everything look legit... OK? The trader will wait for you at the ranger station. He'll fill you in on the details...


Transaction is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This side mission has three different scenarios, depending of the outcome of The Hit, but will occur at the Ranger station in Zaton regardless.

Bandits' side[]

This mission is provided by Sultan assuming the player successfully helped the Bandits dispose of Spartacus' group during The Hit. Sultan sends the player to help his Bandits make sure the deal with their weapons trader is going "nice and smooth".

The player needs to meet the Bandits group outside the Ranger Station, then escort them inside the building. This is where the deal with the trader, Morgan, and his two bodyguards, occurs. However, the deal is soon interrupted by a Loners strike team. Morgan then declares "no witnesses" before a three-way shootout starts. Once the player has taken down the stalkers and Morgan, they must loot his body for his PDA. Once that done, speak to the squad leader (Knuckles if he survived The Hit) to receive a first reward, then to Sultan to receive the second.

Stalkers' side[]

This mission is provided by Beard assuming the player helped Spartacus' group dispose of the Bandits strike team during The Hit. After being informed by Beard, the player meets Spartacus outside the Ranger station, then proceeds to sneak inside the facility before they overhear the transaction, resulting in Spartacus saying "take them down". The player must then clear the bandits group as well as Morgan. Once this is done, loot Morgan for his PDA, speak to Spartacus (or whoever is the squad leader in case he was killed), then speak to Beard to complete the mission.

Morgan's side[]

This mission is provided by Owl if the player has failed The Hit (the best way being either to abandon the raiders, or take Sultan's side and wipe out the bandits group). Owl asks the player to provide Morgan extra protection.

The player then needs to meet Morgan inside the station before the bandits arrive and the transaction starts. The outcome is the same as the other sides, with the Loners sneaking in the building, resulting in Morgan declaring "no witnesses" before the bandits turn hostile. This is the hardest side as the player will have three friendly NPCs against ten armed opponents - the Mercenaries do not last long on their own and while Morgan uses a Exoskeleton, his loadout is confined to a low-tier AKM-74/2U.

Once the player helped Morgan take down the loners and the bandits, they can speak to him for the reward. After the player completes this mission, Morgan moves to Yanov station where he constantly sends mercs throughout the area to harass the player, with the outcome finally being Morgan and his associate Vulture ambushing the player outside the Duty warehouse, allowing the player to take his PDA.


If the player has taken the Bandits or Loners side, the player's reward will consist of 2500RU and coordinates to a nearby stash containing a SPSA-14, given by Spartacus/Knuckles or whoever was promoted to replace them. An extra 3500RU can be earned from Sultan/Beard afterwards.

Morgan will award the player 6000 RU.

Morgan's PDA is worth 4000RU if sold to Owl, or can trigger the Duty warehouse mission if given to Shulga or Loki.


  • If the player has taken the Loners side, it is strongly advised not to follow the stalkers and instead attack head-on the transaction area with explosives. A RPG-7u, if acquired beforehand, can wipe out the whole room, and the common F1 Grenades can already deal serious damage.
  • If the player has taken Morgan's side, they can kill him after the mission is completed. This allows the player to get an extra reward - his PDA. This especially prevents further trouble in Yanov as the player will be harassed by mercenaries if the player assisted Morgan.


  • If the Bandits side has been chosen, there is a nasty bug in which the leader cannot be interacted with to get the reward. This happens if any one of the Bandits are injured and healed.
  • It seems this can also happen if you chose the Stalkers' side. Spartacus may not want to talk to you any more when injured and healed; killing him at that point promotes another Stalker to squad leader but does not allow the mission to continue.