Every beast has its bullet.
- Trapper

Trapper (Zveroboy / Зверобой) is a former mutant hunter who can be found in the basement of the Yanov Station in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


He used to keep the mutants at bay around Yanov, but while he was out hunting with his partner Fox, they were attacked by two chimeras. The chimeras killed Fox before fleeing; Trapper managed to wound one of them. He barely made it back to Yanov alive and has technically retired from hunting. Feeling his age, he now spends his time training the younger stalkers to be hunters like him.


Call of PripyatEdit

Trapper offers the player information on how to kill most types of mutants. He also gives the player missions which involve:

After completing his missions the player earns the Mutant Hunter achievement and Trapper will hand over his unique Chaser 13. Consequently, the ending slides will state that the area around Yanov has become a safe, mutant-free area for stalkers (whilst achieving the Mutant Hunter achievement ironically increases mutant spawns in Yanov).


  • The St. John's Wort (also known as Tutsan) comment comes from the translation of his Russian call-sign Зверобой (Zveroboj, or "Beast Killer"). It actually originates from the Russian title of James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Deerslayer, a more appropriate title.
  • Trapper dispenses some rather poor advice on fighting burers. Engaging a burer at mid-range is only advantageous when there are multiple Burers and not enough cover to rush in with a knife.
  • Although Trapper is clearly positioned in front of the stairwell that leads to the basement of the Yanov station, he doesn't remember anyone near the personal box when Snag steals the player's goods.
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