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An old, worn-down assault rifle with claw marks on the stock. A legendary weapon.

In-game description

The Trophy AKM-47/2 is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Appearance & Acquisition[]

The weapon is a quest item for any Loners squad leader in the Cordon. It requires 3 previous side-quests being completed (one of which requires eliminating the Military checkpoint) Once they are completed, the player can take this quest from any Loner squad leader on location. He says that "it was previously owned by a legendary stalker who was said to be able to sneak anywhere, through any anomaly field and past any enemy. It is said that the previous owner used this weapon to kill mutants that were more dangerous than anyone else has ever seen."

The Trophy AKM-47/2 itself is located in a fridge in the attic of a building in the Vehicle Station accessible only from climbing on several sticks on the floor level. It is hidden in a stash in the fridge and is somehow hard to acquire as the player needs the right angle to access the stash itself. This assault rifle comes with a single magazine of 7.62x54mm 7N1 ammo type.

After that one can give this quest item back to 'an employer' for a 1200 RU reward from Shilov, although it is highly recommended to leave this powerful tool for the later part of the game (reasons can be seen in the section below).


The Trophy AKM-47/2 can be easily described as one of the highest damage per second weapons in game, if not the highest one. Dealing double the amount of damage of a usual AKM 74/2 itself, this assault rifle also receives far more damage, accuracy, and armor piercing boosts from using a heavy 7.62×54mm cartridge. Still, it has a rate of fire of a default AKM.

However, this enormous damage output is highly capped with several downsides.

Firstly (and most importantly), it cannot be upgraded, although can still be repaired by any technician.

Secondly, it uses a rare ammo type inaccessible until the Agroprom location, where some stashes with 7.62×54mm PP ammo type can be found. This however becomes less of an issue later on as some traders (Sakharov, Duty trader in the Red Forest, Mitay, if player joined Duty, and Ashot, if player joins Freedom) expands their catalogue and sells both sniper and LMG variant of ammo, as well as numerous stashes containing 100 to 200 LMG rounds being accessible the further players delve in the game. One can achieve nearly unlimited amount of ammo after finding the Tank machine gun quest item in Red Forest that comes with 4000 LMG rounds. And the sniper variant of ammo can be acquired from the corpses of some Freedom/Military snipers.

Keep in mind however that these LMG ammunition is rather hefty and can leave you overwhelmed by how little else you can carry without should you "hoard" it.

Thirdly, as a default AKM 74/2, the Trophy AKM 47/2 has a powerful recoil that highly limits the effectiveness of automatic fire and makes player to fire single shots or in short bursts. Furthermore, it has not the best accuracy (spread) among the assault rifles, although the ammo itself (especially sniper variant) has far better accuracy and air resistance stats than a usual AR cartridge. Still, it is advised not to use this assault rifle in long range combats due to lack of ability to mount a scope on it. Even further, despite using a long range type of ammo, the Trophy AKM 47/2 has a bad flatness, far more decreasing its power at longer ranges.

Still, all of the Trophy AKM-47/2's downsides can be ignored if one is using it as a CQC weapon, especially at the later stages of the game, where there's no problem with ammo acquisition. It is a good add-on for a sniper/assault rifle with good range potential (upgraded GP37 or Vintar BC) anytime, even at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (especially on CNPP, where at Master difficulty level it is nearly impossible to complete the game without fast rushing that requires quick eliminating Monolith stalkers–and that's where the Trophy AKM-47/2 come in handy).

Its enormous damage, though not necessary, is a very welcome addition in tackling some of the hardest quests in the game; the likes of killing pseudogiants (2 magazines is more than enough for them even on Master), controllers (Army Warehouses, Meat Chunk quest), or poltergeists (Red Forest). It is capable of killing snorks, bloodsuckers, and boars in five hits, and softer targets (like blind dogs) can die even after two or three hits. Any enemy stalker is as good as dead if it faces the Trophy AKM-47/2, although its armor piercing and damage model is not enough to kill an exoskeleton stalker quickly without a single headshot.

It is interesting to note that the gun can sport a Silencer, although it is highly recommended not to do so unless one needs a single stealth kill.


  • The description of the previous owner matches that of Ghost and Guide.
  • After reloading a save where the player has loaded the sniper variant in the weapon while having the LMG variant of cartridge in their inventory, the ammunition type will automaticly switch to the second variant of cartridge.
  • If the player unloads the Trophy AKM-47/2's magazine when first found, it should be noted that these are actually not the same as regular 7.62x54mm 7N1. Despite having the same icon, name and description. This is further confirmed by the game's code, and the fact that they do not stack with regular 7.62x54mm ammo. The rounds can however, still be used in other 7.62x54mm sniper rifles.