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Tuna (Russian: Вобла / Vobla) is a Loner who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat[]

Tuna and his two other companions appear outside the dredge station after the Altered Wheel artifact is obtained during the Strange Phenomenon side mission. He asks the player to give him the artifact, claiming that it has healing capabilities that could save his friend from a life-threatening sickness. Tuna's story is obviously false as he claims he got it out of a chemical anomaly but dropped it. This would be impossible since the dredge wheel is not a chemical-based artifact nor is there a chemical anomaly nearby.

Giving him the artifact makes him run straight to Skadovsk, where he can be seen giving it to Beard and claiming the reward for finding it. If one refuses to give him the artifact, his squad draw their weapons and give you a last chance to give it to him peacefully. If you still refuse to give it to him, he stuns you and opens fire.

You can also say you haven't seen it but the outcome will be the same as if you refused to hand it over.


  • Giving him the artifact and killing him just before he reaches Skadovsk won't interfere with the mission in any way, and his team will still be neutral to you so long as they don't see you shoot him. This is a good way to avoid the firefight outside the dredge station, yet still be able to complete the quest. However, Tuna is full-on sprinting rather than the usual jog stalkers do, so one has to be quick and accurate to stop Tuna.
  • Another way to refuse giving him the artifact is by shooting Tuna in the head and quickly running back inside the dredge. His friends are only armed with low-tier weaponry and so the fight isn't especially hard if one uses cover properly. However, the inside of the dredge is irradiated, so staying there for long during the early parts of the game can be lethal. This is only advised if one has a radiation neutralizing artifact, has some of medication like Radioprotectant and anti-rad, or is a quick-shot and can neutralize all 3 hostiles quickly. Using a silenced weapon, one can also lean through the door to look through without triggering the conversation, get Tuna with a headshot, then make a run for it. His goons won't react fast enough to be able to shoot you down as you run off the boat.
  • Another more secure way is to throw a grenade, while still in the bridge, near the shed about north-east of the dredge's bridge where you get the artifact. If successful, the explosion will damage one of Tuna's cohorts hiding inside and cause them to flee the area, you are also well protected from their attacks. The bridge also makes a prime vantage point, so it's fairly easy to take a few well-aimed shots with even just your AKM-74/2U at the retreating thieves and kill them.
  • Finally, it's possible to avoid the fight all together and keep the artifact by throwing a grenade through the back window of upper deck where the artifact is found and onto the right side of the ship where Tuna waits. If the grenade is well thrown, the explosion will cause Tuna to comically run away into the distance. You can then leap over the railings onto the metal platform when outside of the ship and avoid the encounter with Tuna's goons and head back to cash in the artifact. Going near Tuna still triggers the usual conversation which, if not handled properly, can create a game-crashing bug that will ruin your save permanently.  Should you scare Tuna off, give the artifact to Beard, and meet Tuna again (which triggers the conversation), DO NOT offer to give him the artifact.   Since you already gave the artifact to Beard, when Tuna runs off and speaks with Beard, the game will crash since, despite the conversation, the artifact is not in Tuna's inventory.
  • Another method is throwing a grenade just where the exit doorway is before you meet Tuna. This should give the same result as the previous method, and Tuna will run away. Make sure to avoid the blast, and you should be able to leave without trouble. Tuna's allies shouldn't attack you, but it is recommended to leave the area before Tuna shows up again.
  • His body, like his companions' bodies, would not disappear if you kill them.

Tuna giving the artifact to Beard.