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[...] They were lucky because they had a soft landing, but the technician didn't have time to identify the cause of the malfunction because they were attacked by snorks and lost three men.[...]

Col. Kovalsky when asked about Stingray 3.

Warrant Officer Umerov is one of the deceased Military soldiers in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


WO Umerov was part of the Stingray 3 crew during Operation Fairway, which crash-landed near a Snork den on the Southern Plateau in Zaton. According tho Col. Kovalsky the crew survived intact however, just after the landing they were attacked by Snorks. Due to this unfortunate turn of events as much as three soldiers fell victims to Snork attack, presumably an ambush. His corpse is located inside the Snork den alongside two other victims Snr Lt Smolyak also inside and Lt Drapei just outside the den. Cpt. Tarasov also was aboard Stingray 3, fortunately he managed to save his neck.


  • His name might be a pun on the Russian word "умер" (umer) meaning "died". The player can only find a corpse of Umerov in the game.