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My only idea is that the helicopters were shot down. Shot down using an extremely powerful weapon that we don't know much about. Monolith fighters used one against us during the first assault on the CNPP... I’m planning to capture one of these weapons and investigate. If you want in on the action, the Monolith squad carrying this weapon has been tracked down, and the assault team is waiting for my signal to begin the operation. What do you say?


Unidentified weapon is a mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It is the first mission given to the player in Pripyat.


This mission is given to the player by Kovalsky once they got out the Jupiter Underground. Kovalsky belives the failure of Operation Fairway was caused by the Monolith faction which used a powerful weapon to shoot down the Stingray helicopters. He then requests the player's help to secure one of these weapons.

Armor and ammunition will be needed as the mission will involve a large shootout. Before getting to the Underground, it is highly advised to pack a sniper rifle as it will be a great help during the mission. One can also speak to Lieutenant Kirillov to get some ammo, along with a free Skat-9 military armoured suit and Sphere M12 helmet.

Get the weapon[]

I'm Captain Tarasov. You may be a Major, but I'm in command here and that means my orders are not up for discussion. The lives of every man in the squad depend on that. The plan is as follows: we get in position in the western section of the hospital and wait for the Monolith forces to show up. We have to work quickly to make sure we don't attract unnecessary attention.


Once prepared, speak to Captain Tarasov. He will lead the player to the old Hospital. He then instructs his marksman, Sgt. Morozov, to go atop a building and provide support with his SVUmk-2. Tarasov then proceeds inside the building - follow him. He will go to the first floor. As he arrives, three Monolith stalkers emerge from the other side of the building. Once in position, gun them down.

The mission updates - search the bodies. Once one of the bodies was searched, the Preacher appears atop the building and snipes Morozov, killing him. The rest of the Monolith stalkers then appear out the building to ambush the player.

The priority here is the Preacher - his weapon can deal severe damage. This is where a sniper rifle comes in handy, as all the Monolithians attack the player from afar - if you don't have one, loot the SVUmk-2 dropped by Morozov. To continue the mission, the player must kill all of the Monolithians, the Preacher included. Once that is done, loot the weapon from the Preacher's body, then return to the Laundromat.

Note: a lot of the enemies use sniper rifles. Looting them can give the player a significant amount of ammunition for sniper and other weapons. If you are going to enter the building in which the monolithians sit to rush them down, bring an RP-47.

Upon returning to the base, Garry appears in the building, having found an underground path to Pripyat. He acts as a guide between Pripyat and the other areas. Speak to Kovalsky. He suggests that one of the stalkers may know something about the weapon. When the dialog finishes, Kovalsky receives a radio communication. This triggers another mission, Missing recon unit.

You can still freely explore the city and complete the aforementioned quest beforehand. Likewise, you can also rescue Zulu and collect the two Calibration Kits. Once you're ready, speak to Garry to return to Zaton.

Find the documents[]

Whoa, man... I guess it wasn't a dream, after all. This gun is a Gauss rifle, or item 62 as it used to be called officially. Whew... Back then I used to do contract work for the Jupiter plant. I designed weapons, if memory serves, "based on the principle of projectile acceleration via an electromagnetic field." See those reels? I made those... Too bad they shut down the project in 2004. We never did find a compact enough energy source.


Once you're arrived, speak to Cardan and show him the weapon. He will pass out, similarly to when drunk. The player will have to wait a few in-game hours (approx. four) for him to wake up - sleep or explore the area in the meantime. Once he's conscious again, show him again the weapon. He will tell the player about the weapon: originally named "Item 62", it was created in the Zone, and Cardan worked as a designer for the weapon, until the project was shut down due to the lack of compact source for the weapon. He then tells the nearby Testing Workshop was sealed with the documentation. He then gives the player his keycard.

The entrance to the workshop is located in the Iron Forest anomaly. Use the keycard on the door to open it. The only opposition for this part is a group of six Zombified Stalkers. Once you're past them, go downstairs to the large room. In this room is a dangerous Pseudogiant. It is a very tough mutant, so make sure to pack enough ammunition to take it down - around 40 buckshot rounds and nearly 150 MG rounds will be enough. It is possible to get a RP-74 from the aforementioned zombies, an effective weapon against the creature. The fight is optional, though its shockwave attack can knock the player off the catwalks.

Once done, climb up the ladder to reach the top catwalk, above the crane. Continue towards the other end, where the player can drop in the vent. Follow the vent and drop in the next room. On the table is located the Documents concerning item 62. Pick them up (this triggers a new quest: Laboratory X8), then leave the area. Talk to Cardan again and give him both the weapon and the documents (don't forget to give him back his keycard, as he will give three Scientific medkits in exchange). After a few in-game hours, he returns the documents and the fully functional Gauss gun. Talk to Pilot and return to Pripyat. Then simply speak to Kovalsky to conclude the mission.


  • Cardan no longer needs vodka to perform upgrades.
  • Cardan can provide the player batteries. Unlike the regular batteries, these come with six shots per pack, but with the same weight as a regular batteries, making them much heavier. They cost 2000RU per pack.
  • The player can show the Item 62 documents to Professor Hermann, who will print his own copy and give the player 12000RU.
  • Pseudogiants now randomly spawn in the open in Yanov.
  • A Chimera regularly respawns around the Pripyat Hospital.


  • Even though optional, having Tarasov, Podorozhny and Valentyr survive the assault is valuable as they will all take part in the final Evacuation. It is, however, quite difficult to save them as they often kill themselves with grenades.
    • If the player avoids getting close to Tarasov at the hospital, none of them will get into position, and will remain in cover behind the structure, minus Valentyr who will be exposed but can be saved if the player distracts the Monolith snipers. If you do that, to trigger the ambush, simply walk in the other building, where one can find praying Monolithians. Getting in their sight will make the Preacher appear. There will be some time before the Monolith fighters react, so you can gun them down quickly.
  • At the entrance of the Testing Workshop, in a drawer, one can find a rare Black Kite with some ammo for it.
  • One of the Monolith stashes is located inside the Pseudogiant room, containing a battery for the Gauss Rifle.
  • It is possible to get an extra battery for the Gauss Rifle by unloading the unidentified weapon before giving it to Cardan. When he returns the weapon, it will be loaded with another battery.