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Unknown is a mission featuring in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It is the penultimate mission of the game, before the finale, Evacuation.


After the Radio interference mission, the player is debriefed by Kovalsky about his communication with HQ. They are interrupted by Lt. Kirillov who has spotted an encrypted, unidentified radio signal near the base. The player sets out to investigate.

The initial coordinates of the signal are near the Apartment Complex - the bodies of Jackal and/or Serbin will still be here if the player killed them during the One Shot mission. However, as the player gets there, the signal shifts to a new location; it looks like it was underground, and now it's moving fast towards the Laundromat. At that point, Kovalsky orders the player back to base, fearing this is a Monolith attack.

Degtyarev, Kovalsky and Kirillov stand with their weapons drawn at the Laundromat's entrance, determined to defend it. As an emission begins, a sole stalker approaches the gate. He offers information that will help the Military take over the Zone and destroy it. His name is Strelok.


  • This is the last time you can leave the Laundromat before the final mission.
  • The mission in itself has little substance and mostly serves as an intro to the reappearance of Strelok, as well as the final cutscenes. However, you can take advantage of this last ride in Pripyat, to get to the River Port and Prometheus Movie Theater and sweep any Monolith (usually small groups, provided that you have already taken out the main force) you will find there, to lessen their number in the final battle. You can actually do so both before and after investigating the mysterious signal. The game will continue to spawn Monolith at the River Port until the end, but it's better having 10-15 less of them to face during the battle at Cinema square. Note, however, that it is best that you have wiped out the main force earlier in the game and only deal with respawns this last moment before the finale. If you haven't already been to the River Port, be prepared for a heavy fight with upwards of 20 well armed and experienced Monolith and Zombies, plus the Monolith Fighter.