In actual fact, we have nothing to worry about. According to our research, the next emission will not occur for at least 2 months 7 days and 4 hours. Its intensity will be 3 on the length scale which is 2.13...
- Lead ecologist

The unknown ecologist team refers to the 3 ecologists who were escorted by Scar through the Great Swamp right before the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

There is not much known about them, let alone, their intention, other than that they enlisted Scar as their bodyguard and that they were most probably killed by the large emission that they were caught into. 2 of them were wearing the full SSP-99 and the other one lacked a helmet who is presumably the leader of the expedition. He was also carrying a Walker P9m.


  • These ecologists are the only ones to be seen wearing the SSP-99 Ecologist suits in Clear Sky.
  • The alleged leader of the group seems to be inexperienced in handling threats in the Zone, as he nervously points his weapon at some passing mutants.
  • Some linguists consider the phrase "In actual fact" to be an error; "Actually" should be used instead.
  • It is suggested that Scar and this group were moving from the Great Swamps to the Agroprom area, as they come across the derailed train cars. This makes sense as Sakharov's mobile lab is not located too far.
  • The babbling ecologist could be a reference to Roadside Picnic: during the first trip to the Zone, one of the characters (Tender) "breaks" and starts talking nonsense about his suit. Red Schuhart explains via an internal monologue that this happens to the "greenhorns" as a result of stress and fear of the Zone's threats.
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