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See, I hid my haul inside an old Zaporozhetz. Suddenly, an earthquake came and the car went under. It looks pretty accessible, but, you know... Snorks roam down there. I'm not afraid of a Controller, but a Snork.. disgusts me horribly. If you can get the metal container with a combination lock out, then we can divide the loot.


Unreachable Stash, in some translations Unreachable Zaporozhetz, is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is offered by Snag who is found at the bar in the Skadovsk. Snag asks the player to retrieve a container with his loot inside from a car that fell down a chasm following an earthquake.

The mission takes place near the Fueling Station, more specifically, inside the large chasm near it which leads to the Claw anomaly. The mission itself is pretty simple - jump down to the ZAZ-968M Zaporozhets, grab the Steel box, then keep to the right. Be careful as a large fall could result in death. The main opposition here are four Snorks that will jump at the player as one explores the caverns further, they aren't a particularly hard fight and it is entirely possible to shoot them while they are still lying in waiting, but the mere darkness of the cave, the weight of the box and the confined space may prove to be a challenge for those who aren't agile, adept to fighting fast-moving enemies and haven't gotten any quality gear yet. A fifth snork will jump at the player once they get out of the cave, but it is avoidable.

It's also worth noting that taking the mission from Snag is not necessary and one could simply get in the chasm and take the box without having spoken to Snag at all.


The content of the box is:

  • A Fora-12 with the tier 1 firing rate and weight reduction upgrades installed. This was supposedly upgraded by Snag's uncle.
  • 3 Scientific medkits
  • An AKM-74/2U with the expanded magazine upgrade installed. This was obtained by Snag after trading a large amount of Medkits to a battered Duty squad who were running out of supplies in the field.
  • A Steel helmet with the chemical/radiation protection upgrade installed. Snag states that he got it from a stalker in the Cordon.
  • A Soul artifact

Snag however, being a dishonest crook, will take three items out of the five. Considering such loot is relatively poor, it is best to take the Soul and the medkits and sell them for some money. However, the Steel helmet can be useful to the player, thus it is better to take both the Soul and the Steel helmet. Be warned, there is a glitch which can cause you to not get the helmet after getting the Soul.

Alternatively, one can give Cardan the box who will open it for a mere 500RU. This is by far the best option as the player will be able to get the entire loot (and eventually sell it). Doing so will fail the mission.

Either decision won't affect relation with Snag or Loners in any way.

Completing this mission allows the player to start the Reputation mission.