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SCS Monolith Patch.png This user supports the ideas and goals of the Monolith faction.

SHOC Kuznecov.png This user is one of the site's bureaucrats, come see him if you have any question/grievances.

Warrant Officer (garbage)1.jpg This user has little tolerance for anarchists within this wiki. Seriously, obey the not-that-strict rules around here and we'll get along just fine.


Brutal Stalker Best YouTube

Do not attempt to steal my artifacts.

Thanks to SHIELD Unit for making those user boxes ^^

I've been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ever since Clear Sky was released: played CS first, then went back to SoC and then CoP. I've been gaming since the very first Nintendo and Sega consoles. My favorite games aside from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. include the Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, The Elder Scrolls series (from Morrowind to Skyrim), Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, KOTOR series, Neverwinter Nights series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, Dishonored, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Penumbra series, Metro series, and Underhell.

My favorite faction is the Monolith faction.

I live in the Swamps. Sad, but true.

I have become quite a hardware enthusiast, but I'm not intent on going bankrupt for the very best. I have an overclocking addiction too.

System Specs

Here are the components of my PC.

  • Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540 (2x Silverstone AP182 front intakes, 1x Silverstone AP141 top exhaust)
  • Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Z170
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4.5 GHz
  • Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000 CL15
  • GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 980 GAMING 4G
  • PSU: Antec HCP Platinum 750W
  • CPU Cooler: Swiftech H140-X w/ Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-2000
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit + Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (Win10), Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (Win7), WD Caviar Blue 1TB
  • Display: Acer Predator XB270HU
  • Mouse: Cooler Master Storm Sentinel II
  • Keyboard: Ducky DK9087 Shine II (Green LED, Cherry MX Red)
  • Keypad: Adesso AKP-220 22-key pad (CHERRY MX Blue switch)
  • Headphones: AKG K7xx
  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm
  • Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD
  • Digital Interface: Gustard U12
  • DAC/amp: Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1 w/ 2x LT1364
  • Amp: KGSS


Why do people use the abbreviation SHOC? It is used to refer to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, or more precisely, Shadow of Chernobyl. Well guess what, Shadow is one word, therefore the correct abbreviation is SoC, or SC if you want to get technical but this is bad since it looks like CS (Clear Sky) misspelled.

Monolith Faction

Okay, let me set a few things straight. First of all, the Monolith faction does NOT use SEVA Suits or Bulat suits!

Notice the difference with the two suits above? The difference is more than just color. That Monolith Suit has a much larger vest, offering better protection from bullets and shrapnel. The vest on the SEVA Suit only covers the chest area, and can only stop pistol bullets.

I once saw someone mention a Monolith Bulat Suit. I have no idea where this information came from, the Monolith faction never uses the Bulat Suit. I believe that person was referring to this suit, which is the same armor used on the Exoskeleton.

That brings up something else, see the section below.


There has been some confusion regarding the Exoskeleton. As a matter of fact I believe this confusion still exists. Well, I'll clear that up. The suits below are NOT Exoskeletons!

The suits in the two pictures above simply include the armor used on the Exoskeleton, not the Exoskeleton itself. Those suits have no servomotors and what not, they do not amplify the user's strength. It's just a heavy bulletproof vest with composite plating on top of the BDU, used in tandem with a combat helmet and a gas mask. It is not an Exoskeleton!

Cut Content

Here is a very interesting read about cut content in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Shadow of Chernobyl

I've dug up some information regarding Cut Content from Shadow of Chernobyl. Many people know about some cut anomalies such as Time, Lift, Sparks, and Fog. We also knew about cut mutants such as the Izlom, Cat, Tark, and Phantom. Lastly, lots of us know about the Dead City, a place cut from Shadow of Chernobyl. Well apparently, the Dead City was the headquarters of the Mercenaries, and it was shared with the Bandits. Doctor was held captive there for unknown reasons, and later on, Strelok was captured and sent there. Here is a cut dialog from the level.

  • Doctor: Strelok! Where the hell have you been?? I haven't seen you or the guys since the last raid! I was getting worried!
  • Doctor: So, you feeling better? You thinking clearly?
  • Doctor: Strelok???
  • Doctor: Yeah, you're Strelok! Who else would you be? I'm Doc, don't you recognize me? What happened to you, friend? You don't look well. We went into the Zone together for 2 years. You really don't remember me?
  • Strelok: No, I don't.
  • Doctor: You don't??? Strelok, what the...? You're not joking around, are you? Man... What about the guys, our guys? Fang, Ghost? You remember them don't you?
  • Strelok: I don't remember Fang, and Ghost is dead - I found his body in Yantar.
  • Doctor: Ghost!!?!?! Dead??!!! Dammit, how could that happen? They... They were the best. What happened to you?
  • Strelok: I don't know what happened. I don't remember.
  • Doctor: Wait, I need to calm down. That's some shitty news man. I think it's all linked to your last trip to the center of the Zone. When we saw each other the last time, you left me the key from the stash at Pripyat and the map of how to find it. I've managed to keep it - hid it from the Mercs. Here, take it. Hide it well. Perhaps you'll find something there. You were saying that there's some trick with the Monolith. But I don't understand what it was about, and you didn't either.
  • Strelok: I see. Where are we? I don't remember how I got here.
  • Doctor: We're in Dead City! In the Merc camp.
  • Strelok: I need answers to several questions.
  • Doctor: Ask away, I'll try to help.
  • Strelok: Where are my things?
  • Doctor: The leader usually keeps all the confiscated stuff. His room is on the top floor. My things were taken when they caught me.
  • Strelok: Thanks!
  • Strelok: How can I get out of here?
  • Doctor: When they were leading me around I noticed a sewer grate under the stairs on the first floor... If you managed to open the cell it would be possible to get out of here using that sewer. It's best to go West and then you can use the tunnel to get to freedom.
  • Strelok: Thanks for the information.
  • Strelok: Who captured us?
  • Doctor: We're being held by the Mercs. Nobody really knows who they are but there are rumors that they work together with foreign intelligence services. The location of this base is top secret - no one knows how to get into the Dead City. Many people are very interested in this information, especially Freedom and Duty.
  • Strelok: Go on.
  • Doctor: If you manage to get a map of the Dead City, a successful assault will be possible. The Mercs or the Bandits probably have one. You could try to get it.
  • Strelok: Thanks for the information.
  • Strelok: What do you know about this place?
  • Doctor: The city is split into two sections. We're on the Merc side. To the South beyond the square is where the Bandits are. They're holed up in the school building Southwest of the City. In between the bases, there is a run down five-floor building and a few relatively intact ones. If the shit hits the fan, you can sit it out there. There are also some garages and a couple of small houses around the area. There are a couple of five-floor buildings and a dozen garages on the Bandits' side too. The former city council building is on the other side of the square.
  • Strelok: Thanks for the information.
  • Strelok: Who's in charge here?
  • Doctor: A truly nasty guy named Dushman. I've seen him carrying around a folder with some documents a couple of times. I reckon there's something interesting inside.
  • Strelok: Thanks for the information.
  • Unknown Character: By the way, I have information about the Mercs. Interested?
  • Strelok: Depends on the information.
  • Unknown Character: I have a map which details about the location of their base, guard posts, the way to get in without being noticed and a lot more.
  • Strelok: Sounds valuable. I'll give you 3000 for it.
  • Unknown Character: Deal. Here.
  • Unknown Character: Great! Here's your reward. Soon stalkers will argue about whether the Mercs even existed at all!
  • Unknown Character: Not, that's not enough.
  • Unknown Character: As you wish, I'm not giving you any more.
  • Unknown Character: Nothing worthwhile. Just the usual gossip. Sorry.
  • Unknown Character: If you find out something more specific come back. I'll pay you.

I mentioned two underground hub levels, Pripyat Underground as well as Labyrinth, even more underground. It should be possible to access Labyrinth from certain places in Pripyat Underground. Labyrinth comes from STALKERSOUP. So it looks like Yantar would be the only place that crosses paths with both Pripyat Underground and Labyrinth.

Gallery of Cut Content

Here is a gallery of cut content from Shadow of Chernobyl, recreated by some very talented modders. However I don't know who created all of this, but whoever did deserve my utmost respect. However I believe this is all part of Oblivion Lost.

Clear Sky

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky was originally going to include the Pripyat Underground. The level was scrapped, but Lebedev mentioned it several times. It was also referred to as the Catacombs. This level appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. The script was also much more expansive, and there was a hidden underground place in the Garbage.

See Also

Magazines and Clips

Please acknowledge the differences between magazines (AKA mags) and clips! This will make the stalker.wikia more accurate. Magazines are used by submachine guns, assault rifles, and most pistols. Clips are almost exclusive to rifles, usually bolt action, with few exceptions. The main difference is that the ammunition is concealed inside magazines by a metal (or polymer) shell. With clips, the bullets are exposed. Every gun in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games (save the shotguns) use magazines/mags.

AKS-74U - Assault Rifle or SMG?

The AKS-74U, and any other AK-74U, are NOT submachine guns or machine pistols. They are assault rifles or carbines due to the simple fact that they fire rifle rounds. Submachine guns/machine pistols fire pistol rounds. If it fires a rifle round, it is a rifle! This is not difficult. It doesn't matter that the AK-74U is short, and has the same barrel length of a typical MP5. It fires a rifle round, it is a rifle. Plus the mechanism is essentially the same as full sized AK-74 rifles, but as a nice bonus, the real AK-74U has a faster rate of fire than the full sized weapon.

Shadow of Chernobyl

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is without doubt the best game I have ever played. The storyline is ever so captivating; I've never been this fascinated over a storyline before. I'd love to see a movie based off of this game, as long as it is from a worthwhile writer/director and has a large budget. My Shadow of Chernobyl equipment can be found in a picture below or in my character template. I would rather have the SVU sniper rifle (instead of the Dragunov SVD) since the SVU is much lighter and fires faster, but since Freedom decided to be my enemies (that's right, they decided this time), I was unable to find an SVU in perfect condition. Either way the Dragunov SVD is more accurate and more powerful.

The only pistol I use is the Big Ben, since I won't have to carry an additional ammo type. I modded the game so that the weapons perform more like the real things. They fire at the same speeds as the real things, and offer more realistic accuracy, power, and reliability. The H&K H36K is my preferred NATO weapon (save the FN F2000, which cannot be procured until you reach the Sarcophagus), despite the fact that the Sig Sauer 550 offers slightly better firepower and accuracy. The H&K H36K shoots a little bit faster (750 RPM as opposed to 700 RPM), it is lighter, and the integrated scope works during the evening, unlike the SUSAT Scope which can be attached to the Sig Sauer 550. The FN F2000 beats the H&K H36K in every way except for weight, but I only accept weapons in perfect condition (the one exception being the Gauss Rifle). A perfect FN F2000 is hard to come by; the only places where you can get such a weapon is in a box in the Sarcophagus, a box in the Monolith Control Center, or in a box on the Chernobyl NPP.

I also carry assault rifles of the 9 x 39mm caliber, due to its heavy armor piercing capabilities. I prefer the AS VAL or the OTs-14 Groza. I don't use the VSS Vintorez, because of its 10 round magazine capacity. The AS VAL is the same thing apart from that (due to my modifications). The OTs-14 Groza should offer better accuracy and power compared to the other two, but for some reason, it remains less accurate than the other two 9 x 39mm weapons, even though it has a lower "Fire Dispersion Base" factor in my files. The AS VAL and VSS Vintorez shoot 100 RPM faster (making them a satisfying 800 RPM). I just carry both.

I usually carry a shotgun with me, using shot rounds for mutants, and dart or slug rounds (preferably dart) against humans, if I don't want to use up my main supplies. I prefer the SPAS-12, since I increased the firing rate drastically, but the Combat Chaser is a great performer as well.

As for armor, obviously I collect the rare ones. The armor I prefer to use is the Exoskeleton. I modified the stats on most armors. The Exoskeleton offers much better anomaly and radiation protection than before, and even better bullet/splinter protection, as well as the ability to sprint. At the beginning of the game, I immediately acquire the Merc Suit in the Rookie Camp in the Cordon. I then go on to collect Bandit Jackets, including the unique Mail Jacket, all of which I eventually sell. I know the locations of pretty much every suit, including secret stashes, because of the great information here on the Stalker Wikia, and due to the excessively long play time I spend in the game. Prior to the Exoskeleton, I normally walk around with the Tourist Suit due to the weight capacity.

A very high priority of mine is finding rare artifacts. You can see my rare artifact collection in my inventory picture. All other artifacts I sell. I know the locations of most artifacts, including the most rare ones. As you can see, any form of damage will heal me, except for explosions since no artifact protects from that. I edited the Mama's Beads and Kolobok artifact, so that they offer 30% protection opposed to 5%. I've changed the prices of them as well, prior to my modifications the artifact prices were 1000 RU, 2500 RU, or 5000 RU. Now they are 3000 RU, 6000 RU, 12000 RU, and those with no negative qualities are 30000 RU.

In SoC, I do not assist the Monolith, since the game is no fun at all this way. I do kill Loners for money and artifacts, including my friend Master (I can't pass up a Mama's Beads artifact). My reputation varies - excellent in some areas such as the Dark Valley, the Red Forest, Pripyat, and the Chernobyl NPP areas, while everywhere else it is terrible. I always finish the game as an Expert ranked #1 (disabling the Brain Scorcher automatically makes you #1 anyway). I always finish the tournament and I tend to carry around 500000 RU at a time. I usually become allies with both Duty and Freedom, so that I can stock up on 5.56 x 45mm AP rounds and 9 x 39mm SP5/SP6 rounds.

Weapon of Choice

My preferred weapons in Shadow of Chernobyl.


Assault Rifle/Submachine Gun

Sniper Rifle

Clear Sky

While I do not find Clear Sky to share all of the greatness from Shadow of Chernobyl, it is still one of my favorite games, easily my second favorite. Here I tend to join the Monolith faction. I help them capture the Army Warehouses (doing so is extremely easy for them), and then I help them clear out the Red Forest. Afterwards they make a push for Yantar and then the Garbage, and on rare occasions, the Dark Valley. I help them no matter what, despite the fact that you don't get rewards. They use the best armor and best equipment, so they can usually defend themselves, but I enjoy helping them anyway. However I try to max out my reputation with every faction, except for the lame Bandit deserters. I spend a lot of time in Clear Sky as well. I don't collect suits since they don't appear out in the open, but I do get nearly every single artifact in the Zone, save the two in the scrapyard in the Garbage, since I am not enemies with the Bandits until Limansk. I can't believe there are no artifacts in Limansk.

My weapon choices remain the same in Clear Sky, as you can see in my Clear Sky loadout photo below.

I have a modification for Clear Sky, known as CS Remix. I've just uploaded version 1.3. See my blog for details.

The video above shows what happens when a Stalker attempts to steal my artifacts. The low frame rate comes from FRAPS, when recording, it cuts your FPS in half. I normally run the game maxed out (but no AA) at over 60 FPS in nearly every scenario.

Weapon of Choice

My preferred weapons in Clear Sky.


Assault Rifle/Submachine Gun

Sniper Rifle

Call of Pripyat

This game definitely has the best gameplay of the series, but SoC still has the best storyline and levels in my opinion. I can't quite decide which game I like more; Call of Pripyat or Shadow of Chernobyl. Nevertheless, both are great, and so is Clear Sky.

Before even going to Yanov for the first time, I collected over 100000 RU (acquired Wealthy Achievement) and carried an Exoskeleton. My old equipment is on the bottom right of the page.

My main goal was to finish the game correctly the first time. That means keeping my squad members alive and collecting all of the documents. I almost did this on my first time through. I kept everyone alive, including Poplar and his team, but I sold too many documents to Owl, therefore the Mercenary's clients were unidentified in my first ending.


I made videos showing the exact location of every toolset, as well as how to get there. I had taken the tools prior to the video, but the exact location is made very clear.

Zaton Rough Tools.


Zaton Fine Tools.


Yanov Rough Tools.


Yanov Fine Tools.


Pripyat Calibration Tools (Department Store).


Pripyat Calibration Tools (Old Service Center).


Weapon of Choice

My preferred weapons in Call of Pripyat.


Assault Rifle/Submachine Gun

Sniper Rifle

Weapon Wishlist for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Here are weapons I'd really like to see in upcoming mods.

  • Fists - That's right. You should be able to run around unarmed with nothing but your bare hands. That brings us to...
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Random objects you come across should be able to be used as weapons
  • Hunting Knife
  • Tactical Knife - faster and more effective than the above
  • Throwing Knives - Great for stealth kills
  • Compound Bow - Perhaps the Bowtech Experience? Again, great for stealth kills
  • Crossbow - Maybe the CAMX Chaos 325? Or the Barnett BCX? Both? Either way, another good stealth weapon

Excluding everything above, I've listed 301 guns. Wow. Plus 10 handheld explosive devices.

Now lets go to pistols separated by caliber. Looks like we have a total of 87 pistols.

9x18mm (7)

9x19mm (21)

  • Stechkin APS
  • MP-443
  • S&W M&P9
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • Beretta 92FS
  • Beretta 92A1
  • Beretta 93R
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 18C
  • Glock 19 - full auto upgrade should be available
  • Glock 26 - full auto upgrade should be available
  • Glock 34
  • SIG P226 - upgradeable to P226R
  • SIG P229 - upgradeable to P229R
  • Walther P99
  • H&K USP 9
  • H&K USP 9 Tactical
  • H&K USP 9 Compact
  • H&K USP 9 Compact Tactical
  • Steyr M9-A1
  • FN FNX 9

.40S&W (11)

  • S&W M&P40
  • Glock 23
  • Glock 35
  • SIG P226 - upgradeable to P226R
  • SIG P229 - upgradeable to P229R
  • H&K USP 40
  • H&K USP 40 Tactical
  • H&K USP 40 Compact
  • H&K USP 40 Compact Tactical
  • Steyr M40-A1
  • FN FNX 40

.45ACP (17)

  • S&W M&P45
  • S&W M625 JM
  • Colt M1911A1
  • Colt M1911A1 Compact
  • Hi-Capa 5.1 - 1911 race gun
  • Hi-Capa 4.3 - smaller 1911 race gun
  • Hi-Capa 3.8 - compact 1911 race gun
  • Glock 21
  • SIG P220
  • H&K USP 45
  • H&K USP 45 Tactical
  • H&K USP 45 Compact
  • H&K USP 45 Compact Tactical
  • H&K MK23
  • H&K HK45 Tactical
  • H&K HK45 Compact Tactical
  • FN FNX 45 Tactical

5.7x28mm (1)

  • FN Five-Seven

4.6x30mm (1)

  • H&K UCP Prototype

.357 Magnum (10)

  • MP 412
  • S&W M627 2.625 inch
  • S&W M627 4 inch
  • S&W M627 5 inch
  • Colt Python 8 inch
  • Colt Python 6 inch
  • Colt Python 4 inch
  • Colt Python 2.5 inch
  • IMI Desert Eagle .357
  • IMI Desert Eagle .357 LB

.44 Magnum (10)

  • S&W M629 2.625 inch
  • S&W M629 4 inch
  • S&W M629 6.5 inch
  • S&W M629 Stealth Hunter - Unique
  • Taurus Raging Bull
  • Colt Anaconda 8 inch
  • Colt Anaconda 6 inch
  • Colt Anaconda 4 inch
  • IMI Desert Eagle .44
  • IMI Desert Eagle .44 LB

.50AE (9)

  • S&W M500 4 inch
  • S&W M500 5 inch
  • S&W M500 6.5 inch
  • S&W M500 7.5 inch
  • S&W M500 8.38 inch
  • S&W M500 10.5 inch
  • Taurus Raging Bull - Unique
  • IMI Desert Eagle .50AE
  • IMI Desert Eagle .50AE LB

Next are the submachine guns. We have a total of 22 submachine guns.

9x18mm (3)

  • Skorpion vz.65
  • Skorpion vz.82
  • Bizon

9x19mm (12)

  • Skorpion vz.68
  • Bizon
  • IMI Uzi
  • IMI Mini Uzi
  • Steyr TMP
  • B&T MP9
  • PP2000
  • H&K MP5A4
  • H&K MP5A5
  • H&K MP5SD5
  • H&K MP5SD6
  • H&K UMP 9

.40S&W (1)

  • H&K UMP 40

.45ACP (3)

  • Ingram MAC-10
  • H&K UMP 45
  • KRISS Vector

5.7x28mm (2)

  • FN P90
  • FN P90 TR

4.6x30mm (1)

  • H&K MP7A1

Now for the shotguns. 27 shotguns in total.

Twin barrel (3)

Pump action (13)

  • TOZ-194
  • Fort 500
  • Mossberg Maverick 88
  • Mossberg 500
  • Mossberg 500 Sawed Off
  • Mossberg 500 Police
  • Mossberg 590 Tactical Tri-Rail
  • Mossberg 590 Magpul Exclusive - Unique
  • Remington 870
  • Remington 870 Sawed Off
  • Remington 870MCS
  • Remington M870 Marine
  • Remington M870 CQB

Automatic (11)

  • Remington 1100 TAC-4
  • Benelli M1 Super 90
  • Benelli M2 Super 90
  • Benelli M3 Super 90
  • Benelli M1014
  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • Armsel Protecta
  • Saiga-12
  • USAS-12
  • M26 MASS
  • Atchisson AA-12

Assault rifles. Looks like we have a whopping 95 assault rifles.

7.62 x 39mm (9)

  • AKM
  • AKM-S
  • AKM Beta
  • AK-103
  • AK-104
  • AEK-973S
  • SKS
  • SKS Tactical
  • OTs-14-1A Groza - With or without grenade launcher

5.45 x 39mm (8)

5.56 x 45mm (52)

  • AK-101
  • AK-102
  • AK-108
  • Enfield L85A2
  • IMI Galil AR
  • IMI Galil SAR
  • IMI Galil MAR
  • FN FNC
  • FN FNC Para - Shorter barrel, unique?
  • HK33A2
  • HK33A3
  • HK33KA3 - Should probably be unique
  • HK33SG-1 - unique?
  • HK53
  • M16A2
  • M16A3
  • M16A4
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • M4A1 Commando - Can be unique, but configured from the M4A1 carbine
  • M4A1 CQB "Pistol"
  • KAC SR-16 Carbine
  • KAC SR-16 CQB Carbine
  • Mk.18 Mod 1
  • ZM LR-300ML
  • SIG SG-550
  • SIG SG-551 LB SWAT - Should probably be unique
  • SIG SG-551
  • SIG SG-552 Commando
  • SIG SG-553
  • SIG SG-553 LB - should probably be unique
  • Steyr AUG-A1
  • Steyr AUG-A2
  • Steyr AUG-A3
  • H&K G36
  • H&K G36E
  • H&K G36K
  • H&K G36KE
  • H&K G36C
  • H&K HK416 D10RS
  • H&K HK416 D14.5RS
  • H&K HK416 D16.5RS - Should probably be unique
  • H&K HK416 D20RS
  • Remington ACR
  • Remington ACR CQB
  • Robinson Armament XCR-L
  • Robinson Armament XCR-L Mini
  • Robinson Armament XCR-L Micro
  • Robinson Armament XCR-L Pistol
  • FN F2000 - with or without scope and GL

7.62 x 51mm (23)

  • M14
  • M14 Scout - Should probably be unique
  • M14 SOCOM
  • M14 EBR (DMR)
  • FN FAL
  • FN FAL Para - Shorter barrel
  • IMI Galil
  • IMI Galil Sniper
  • H&K G3A3
  • H&K G3A4
  • H&K G3KA4 - Should probably be unique
  • H&K G3SG-1 - Should probably be unique
  • H&K MC-51 - Retractable stock makes most sense
  • H&K HK417 Assaulter
  • H&K HK417 Recon
  • H&K HK417 Sniper
  • Robinson Armament XCR-M
  • Robinson Armament XCR-M Mini
  • Robinson Armament XCR-M Pistol

9 x 39mm (3)

Machine guns. We have 20.

7.62 x 39mm (2)

  • RPK
  • RPD

5.45 x 39mm (2)

  • RPK-74
  • RPK-74M

7.62 x 54mm (1)

  • PKP

5.56 x 45mm (8)

  • Enfield L86 LSW
  • H&K MG36
  • H&K HK23E
  • FN M249 SAW
  • FN M249 Para - unique
  • FN MK46
  • M27 IAR
  • Ultimax 100

7.62 x 51mm (7)

  • H&K HK21E
  • M60E4 - long barrel version
  • MK43 Mod 0
  • MK43 Mod 1
  • FN M240 Bravo
  • FN MK48
  • M134 Minigun - For use with Exoskeleton only.

Sniper rifles. We have 42.

9 x 39mm (2)

7.62 x 54mm (6)

7.62 x 51mm (14)

  • Steyr Scout Tactical
  • M21 SWS
  • M21 EBR
  • Remington 700
  • Remington 700 Tactical
  • Remington M24
  • Remington M40A5
  • Remington R11 RSASS
  • AI Arctic Warfare L96
  • Desert Tactical Arms SRS
  • H&K MSG-90A1
  • KAC SR-25 Mk11 Mod 0
  • DSR-1
  • Walther WA-2000

.300 Winchester Magnum (3)

  • Bad News AR
  • Remington XM2010 ESR
  • Walther WA-2000

.338 Lapua Magnum (5)

  • Desert Tactical Arms SRS
  • Remington MSR
  • Barett M98B
  • Bad News AR
  • DSR-1

.458 Winchester Magnum (2)

  • Remington 700
  • Remington 700 Tactical

.416 Barrett (3)

  • Barrett M82A1
  • Barrett M99
  • Desert Tactical Arms HTI

.408 CheyTac (1)

  • CheyTac M200

.50BMG (6)

  • OSV-96
  • Desert Tactical Arms HTI
  • AI AS50
  • Barrett M82A1
  • Barrett M95
  • DSR-50

One other.

Handheld launchers, currently looking at 7.

  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • M79 Compact Grenade Launcher
  • M203 Grenade Launcher
  • EGLM Grenade Launcher
  • RG-6 Grenade Launcher
  • Milkor MGL
  • RPG-7

Explosives/Incendiary, where we have 10.

  • Molotov Cocktail/Petrol bomb
  • Pipe Bomb
  • RGD-5 grenade
  • F1 grenade
  • AN-M14 TH3 Incendiary Grenade
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • M84 Flashbang Grenade
  • Dynamite
  • C4
  • Claymore

The weapons should be highly customizable, ranging from various pistol grips to rail systems, vertical foregrips, color options, furniture options, sight options, railed frames and threaded barrels for pistols and much more. As for add-ons, I'd like to see the following (excluding gun-specific add-ons, such as pistol railed frames or R.I.S. systems - those should be upgrades).


  • Pistol Silencer - universal silencer with adapters for pistols
  • PBS-4 Silencer - For most Soviet rifles
  • KAC QD Silencer - For any NATO gun with a standard birdcage flash suppressor
  • SCAR QD Silencer - For SCAR series
  • NATO Silencer - universal silencer for any excluded NATO rifles, adapters included

Lasers and Lights

  • Red Laser Sight - Battery operated
  • Green Laser Sight - Battery operated
  • SureFire X300 Ultra Flashlight - Battery operated
  • SureFire X400 Ultra w/ Red Laser - Battery operated
  • SureFire X400 Ultra w/ Green Laser - Battery operated
  • SureFire M620 Ultra - Battery operated

Soviet Optics

  • Kobra Red Dot Sight - 1x32 - Battery operated
  • PK-AS Red Dot Sight - 1x16 - Battery operated
  • PSO-1 Scope - 4x24 - Battery operated
  • PKS-07 Scope - 7x38
  • NPSU Scope - Night vision scope - Battery operated

NATO Optics

  • Trijicon RM06 RMR - pistol sight - Battery operated
  • Trijicon RX01 Reflex Sight - 1x24 - Battery operated
  • Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Sight - 1x30 - Battery operated
  • EoTech 556 Holographic Sight - Battery operated
  • SUSAT Scope - 4x25.5
  • Trijicon TA31-CH ACOG 4x32 BAC
  • Trijicon TA648 ACOG - 6x48
  • Trijicon CCAS - 6x48 Computerized Scope - Battery operated
  • Zeiss Victory Diarange - 3-12x56 laser rangefinding scope - Battery operated
  • Night Vision Monocular - For using night vision with your optic - Battery operated
  • Enhanced Night Vision Monocular - For using ENVG (thermal-sensing night vision) with your optic - Battery operated

Lastly, there should be more than just the headlamp in my opinion. I'd like to see the following light sources added.

  • Lighter - Which actually uses fuel. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons.
  • Torch - Literally a flame torch, which only lasts for a certain amount of time. They should be around the world too, and should be able to be lit like in Metro: Last Light. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons.
  • Glowstick - Which is also timed. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons though it can be thrown/dropped.
  • Flare - Timed, equipping it makes you unequip two-handed weapons though it can be thrown/dropped.
  • Flare Gun - Timed, occupies handgun slot.
  • Wind-up Flashlight - Like Misery 2.0, except with manual winding kind of like the Metro games. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons.
  • Flashlight - Cheap basic flashlight that uses batteries. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons.
  • SureFire P3X Fury Tactical Flashlight - High end, very bright flashlight that requires batteries. Equipping this makes you unequip two-handed weapons.
  • SureFire Maximus Headlamp - Headlamp, uses batteries but can be used with any weapon.
  • Night Vision Goggles gen. 1 - Very high battery usage.
  • Night Vision Goggles gen. 2 - Very high battery usage.
  • Infrared Vision Goggles - Very high battery usage.
  • Enhanced Night Vision Goggles - Or IRNV, infrared + night vision, very high battery usage.

So as you can see, this separates night vision/thermal vision from outfits which I think is a good move. Moving on.

Outfitting Wishlist

I believe that these outfits should be added to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha, with various color options for the stalker and Bandit outfits.

Bottom Tier

  • Leather Jacket - Should be available in various colors and even camouflage
  • Bandit Jacket - Black leather jacket, slightly thicker with some more protective padding like the previous games
  • Trench Coat - In black or brown

Low Tier

  • Merc suit
  • Bandit Outfit - Same as Merc suit but for bandits
  • CS-3a Body Armor
  • Flak Jacket - Cheap military outfit you can see soldiers wearing, not meant for the Zone.
  • Stalker Suit gen 1 - The one we all know and love

Mid Tier

High Tier

Top Tier

  • SKAT-9M Military Armored Suit - Available in all black like SoC, and black/green like in CS/CoP
  • PSZ-12d Duty Armor - recolored SKAT-9M
  • Protection Outfit - For the lack of a better name, this would be the exoskeleton minus the actual exoskeleton, so just the bulletproof vest and outfit from it.
  • Exoskeleton

As for head gear...

  • Cloth Bandana - As seen on soldiers, though available in different colors
  • Balaclava
  • Beret
  • Winter Cap - Not sure what to call it, but that big hat worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Heat.
  • Gas mask - Lacking in ballistic protection but stops some radiation, no night vision by default
  • Steel helmet - Get a new render for this, it should just be a basic steel helmet designed for combat but not for the Zone, no night vision by default
  • Sphere-08 Helmet - Original helmet designed for the Zone. Good all around helmet, includes basic night vision
  • Sphere-12M Helmet - Best all around helmet in the game, good ballistic and radiation/anomaly protection, includes better night vision (but not ENVG)

Full five man squad in CoP

Full five man squad in CoP... and yes we all made it out


Top part of my equipment in SoC

Bottom part of my equipment in SoC

My Clear Sky Loadout

CoP Stats

Top part of my equipment in CoP

Middle part of my equipment in CoP

Bottom part of my equipment in CoP

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Newly Created Pages


Here are some gameplay videos of the mods or mod compilations I've made. Right now I have some for Clear Sky Mod Pack 2012, which combines the best of Mystery with CS Complete, CS Remix, and also includes Absolute Nature, guns from Misery, and more.


New Modpack for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky


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Capturing the Military base


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Mod Pack 2012 - Red Forest

Red Forest


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Mod Pack 2012 - Limansk



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Mod Pack 2012 - Battle in Limansk


I'll have vids for my upcoming version of Oblivion Lost 2010. Don't credit me, I just took that mod and merged it with content from many others, such as STALKERSOUP shaders (and maybe some OGSE shaders next), Photorealistic Zone textures, Absolute Nature, and many new weapons. And don't worry, those videos will be much better quality and no more out of sync audio, thanks to the AWFUL new version of MSI Afterburner. So thumbs up for Dxtory!

Here's the first video of Shadow of Chernobyl Mod Pack 2013, a work in progress.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Mod Pack 2013