My RigEdit

  • Asus P5KPL-VM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 2.53ghz (2.81ghz Overclocked)
  • 2gb RAM
  • BFG 9600GT 512mb (1024mb Overclocked)

A Pretty decent budget gaming rig I built myself for roughly $700, plays CoP on High -> V.High settings.

These costs are not including CD-ROM/DVD Drives, Monitor, speakers, Operating System, etc. Just the hardware and Case. I dont see the point of owning a DVD-Drive anymore. I mean, with today's gaming, and everything being done through digital distribution, why the hell would I need a physical drive? Daemon-Tools is all you need.

(I do have an external DVD-Drive incase I need to install stuff via disc, or burn dvd's however.)

Everything else was essentially from my old computer and does nothing to aid the computer performance (Moniter, speakers, etc.)

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

I first played STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl in 2008. My first impressions of this game were pretty low. I found the graphics a bit dated and odd compared to most FPS, and the gameplay incredibly difficult. I shelved the game for a few months before I finally decided I was gonna give the game another shot, when I finally got into the game I realized how awesome this game truely was. Sure the graphics were dated for a 2007 game, but the gameplay, story and atmosphere was just amazing and so rare to find in other games.

Also never before had I been so freaked out by a monster, you know the one I'm talking about. The infamous controller in the underground.

As I continued to play the game, I fell in love with exploring, and the storyline. This is the way FPS-RPG style games should be made, not Fallout 3.

I always seemed to lean towards the way of Duty, they seemed like the most badass group in the zone. They ran the whole Bar, and they were kicking the shit out of Freedom left and right. It always seemed like the first faction I'd run into in the zone was Duty, and they were off to go kick some more Freedom ass, and I enjoyed coming with them and looting some Freedom weapons, since I preferred snipers to fast firing assaults.
My next playthrough I heavily modded the game and based it on AMK1.4's mod, which a bunch of addon mods to make the graphics up to par with Clear Sky, and to give random everything, also to bring back the Dynamic Music (This is when I created my AMK1.4 Clear Sky Dynamic Music addond *See Below*) this time around I stuck with the loners, and tried to explore every aspect of the game. I think my save file's gameplay length has to be atleast 60 hours worth of gameplay.

Clear SkyEdit

STALKER - Clear Sky Gameplay Monolith's first encounter

STALKER - Clear Sky Gameplay Monolith's first encounter

Clear Sky Gameplay, Monolith's first encounter, on the road to limansk.

As soon as Clear Sky came out, I was so fired up. I loved it, almost as much as ShoC. Although people say the game sucked compared to ShoC, and just wasnt the same, I still found it to be amazing, I really enjoyed the increased emphisis on Stalker vs Stalker gameplay. Also faction wars were pretty cool (Except that game where I tried to be a bandit). Video to the left is my gameplay video of where I first encountered the Monolith.

(Yeah I know they're in the army warehouses, I missed them the first play through so I consider this as the first encounter)

My first CS playthough was again with Duty, because of how much time I spent with them in ShoC, but afterwards I realized I made the wrong choice. I no longer wanted to kill Freedom and the zone, probably because of Freedom's barkeep and the fact that I'm from British Columbia, Canada. Although he never did get that package of "high class 'erb". Or it was because Freedom were the first guys I ran into and were pretty cool guys, and Duty didnt treat me so nicely, *ehem* Mitay.

Because I sided with Duty as soon as I could, I kept running into Freedom squads, which made it a problem for me always having to fight some Freedom guys and having no backup for clearing out the warehouses, especially since I always play the STALKER games on Master difficulty.

My second playthrough I sided with the Stalkers, which was a good choice, I absolutely loved killing bandits. Even though they carried the worst shit in the entire game, it was easier for me to watch Duty and Freedom kill eachother and loot the corpses, rather than having to constantly flee from troublesome Freedom. Also because the Bandits were numerous and extremely easy to kill, I took out the entire bandit base by myself with a freakin pistol, and they gave me a damn seva suit for the reward!

My third playthough I stayed neutral, realizing that Master difficulty on a Stalker vs Stalker game is pretty tough, especially since you'd have to run into Freedom or Duty again at some point in the game and its best not to have them hate you. The prototype armor wasnt cutting it for me, I could never move out of the line of fire fast enough, so I stayed neutral so I could fully upgrade that seva suit, which was a good choice, the armored seva suit really worked out for me, especially since stalkers in Clear Sky have infinite accuracy with their grenades, they can somehow throw those things anywhere and right under your feet too, even if you're in a building, the grenade just seems to make it to your feet like it was wall hacks or something.

Call of PripyatEdit

Pretty much the same reasons why I loved the predessors is why I loved Call of Pripyat. Also it was neat seeing some of the old characters again. Senka for the win

I loved the open world and the improved A-Life and random occurences, which made almost no need to modify CoP. Also I loved how they amped up the monsters, especially the bloodsucker, first time it sucked my guys neck, I was stoked. My first playthrough I stuck with the Loners, and sided more for Freedom than Duty, because I loved sniper rifles and I was starting to dislike the Groza. I never had much of a problem with the bandits, they stuck to themselves and never tried to extort me from my hundreds of thousands of Ru. Except that one bandit who had Mitay hostage, and his fault lead to the deaths of all his buddies within their base -serves him right for trying to take all my money after I already paid my damn dues. Although if I knew that the stalker they had hostage was Mitay, I probably wouldnt of helped, I hated Mitay from Clear Sky, the little prick, but he turned out to be a pretty nice guy in CoP.



STALKER - ShoC AMK1.4 Mod w Clear Sky Dynamic Music (2)

Another video of my Mod

Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl AMK1

Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl AMK1.4 Mod w Clear Sky Dynamic Music

ShoC AMK1.4 with my Clear Sky Dynamic Music mod

My first major mod to ShoC was AMK1.4, I tried Oblivion Lost 2.2, but I just couldnt get into it. I've tried various other mods to make my gameplay experience greater, STALKER Complete 2009, S.M.R.T.E.R. for CoP, but the one I recommend most is AMK1.4 for ShoC.

I actualdly created an addon mod to the AMK1.4 mod, to replace AMK's annoying Half Life 2/Unreal Tournament/Quake dynamic music, with the Clear Sky Dynamic Music. I turned out great, you can view it on the youtube links on this page.

If you're currently running AMK1.4, and would like this addon, leave me a message. It can also be found on the stalkerfilefront. This mod is now able to be run without installing AMK1.4, now that the AMK team released the Dynamic Music pack able to be installed without AMK1.4. So just install the Dynamic Music pack, and overwrite it with my mod found on stalkerfilefront.

Let me know how you like it.

My plan is to add the Clear Sky dynamic music into Call of Pripyat aswell. Maybe not replace it, but just add it so we have both. I didnt really like the CoP DM at first, but it grew on me. It should be faar easier to add to CoP, than it was to ShoC. Because ShoC didnt have dynamic music, I had to make my mod an addon for AMK1.4 which enabled the setting (I dont know how to do this) in the menu. Since CoP has dynamic music, all I have to do is add it to the game, and figure out the new scripts.

And shutup about it ruining the background music, dynamic music gets me fired up in firefights and is a very ingenious and complex music system.

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