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A long-time STALKER fanatic, currently busy pushing his way towards another complete game of Call of Pripyat. Devoting what spare time he has between school and real work to filling out the articles for Call of Pripyat.

Games[edit | edit source]

Shadow of Chernobyl[edit | edit source]

In Shadow of Chernobyl, I normally lean towards Duty's side of things - in the entire series I've considered Freedom's annihilation to be preferable as really, I didn't like them bossing me around in our first encounter. I'd usually assist Skull. I never really got around to exploring Shadow fully - I instead worked on finding ways to cut more and more time off of each play through, until I was able to more or less blast my way through one sitting and come out of Chernobyl NPP with a Stalker suit and AK. I tended to end up playing through it with modifications such as Oblivion Lost, where I also dabbled in the Monolith faction and occasionally found myself enjoying being a religious maniac. ... Obviously not as much as Boredgunner though.

I never killed Loners for profit - Oleg, Master, Father Diodor, and Scarecrow were all safe from my hands. I only killed Bandits and Freedomers alike.

Clear Sky[edit | edit source]

I'll be honest, I like to pretend Clear Sky doesn't exist, just because of the ending section and how insanely buggy the faction war was. When it DID work, I ended up siding with Duty because Ashot annoyed me to no end - that and Freedom got steam rolled even without my assistance so it was basically free gear for me. I played it to completion only once before I turned to modification, and eventually turned off the game completely when it became apparent it wasn't going to have the same life span of the original's successful mod community.

My love affair with the Groza continued, especially once that beast was upgraded, and I continued my 'stance' on never killing other Loners regardless of cause.

If there was one thing I loved most of Clear Sky, it was the titular faction's definitively unique looks - the CS-1 was my favorite armor, simply because it stood out, and was moderately effective in nearly every situation.

Call of Pripyat[edit | edit source]

Call is probably my favorite of the three games. Not only is it the only one I've played through to completion more then twice... I'm on my fifth playthrough as of this edit. The sheer scale and detail of the game compared to Clear Sky is mind-boggling. It's not even fair to compare Clear Sky to it. It's on par to what the original, uncut Shadow had going for it in terms of background and storyline, and the sheer level of interaction and intelligence is perhaps the most charming part of the game.

I can gush all I want, but that probably wouldn't change your mind, you're reading a Stalker Wikia probably because you've already bought it.

I typically play Call as a Loner. Yet somehow, I never get the Balance Advocate achievement. I continue to aid Loners wherever, but my policy towards fighting them changes - if they do me wrong, they're no better then the Bandits I slaughter wholesale.

The importance of beta-testing.

In the most recent playthrough I finally started stockpiling on 9x39mm rounds, so by the time I got the Groza I actually had enough ammo to use it - and I've fallen in love with it yet again. A Groza for CQC and an FN2000 for long-range, with an SVUmk2 for super-long, and I'm set.

I assume once someone releases an Oblivion Lost for Call I'll dabble in factions again - most definitely Monolith, which seems very interesting this time around. I tried SMRTR Pripyat, but while it adds some good things (it gives a much needed boost to Pripyat in particular) it also adds a lot of bad things (relatively unbalanced guns, 'Nintendo Hard' anomalies blocking important routes which require numerous quickloads to get past without significant injury or death).

I've also been slowly working on my own modification for the game, Shadow of Pripyat. It's currently on its fifth version, adding new armor, weapons, and squad mechanics without breaking the game.

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