Lt.Vasili is a Loner who kills any HVT assigned by an Unknown Contractor, possibly Sidrorovich.


No one knows where's he from, but he seems to have some military experience due to his skills in hunting people and mutants throughout the zone. Any stalker lucky enough to see him without his weapon of speciality in your face describes him as a "Non-Merciful Stalker". 

Favorite Arsenal Edit

Gauss Rifle

March w/ Silencer 

SA Avalance

Hunting Shotgun w/ Slugs

Armsel Protecta (Eliminator )

Lynx (Sniper from Nimble)


Tac Helmet




Things that I wish that'll be in STALKER 2Edit

Melee Category:

Brass Knuckles

Throwing Knife


Bow & Arrow

Weapons: By Calibres

9x18mm Makarov

  1. Makarov PM
  2. Stechkin APS
  3. Fort-12
  1. OTS-33 "Pernach"
  2. PM-63
  3. PP-19 "Bizon"
  4. Skorpion Vz-61
  5. OTs-02 Kiparis
  6. AEK-919 "Kashtan"

9x19mm Parabellum

  1. Beretta M9
  2. Beretta M93R
  3. Beretta Mx4
  4. Gsh-18
  5. PP-90M1
  6. PP-2000
  7. Magpul FMG-9
  8. Sten (Silenced and Unsilenced Version)
  9. MP-40
  10. CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1
  11. MP-443
  12. Glock 17
  13. Glock 18
  14. IMI Uzi
  15. Walther P99
  16. Walther P38
  17. Steyr TMP
  18. H&K MP5A3
  19. H&K MP5K
  20. H&K MP5SD|
  21. H&K UMP-9

10MM Auto

  1. Colt Delta Elite
  2. Glock 20

.40 S&W

  1. Smith & Wesson Model 4006
  2. CZ-75
  3. Browning Hi-Power
  4. USP 40

.45 ACP

  1. Mk23 SOCOM
  2. UMP-45
  3. Colt M1911
  4. Thompson (M1928 & A1)
  5. MAC-10
  6. TDI Kriss Vector
  7. Glock 21
  8. AMT Hardballer
  9. FN FNP
  10. MEU-SOC
  11. De Lesile Carbine

.50 Action Express

  1. Desert Eagle


  1. HK MP7


  1. AEK-971
  2. AN-94
  3. AK-74M
  4. AKS-74
  5. RPK-74
  6. AK-12
  7. AKU-12
  8. RPK-12
  9. AK-105
  10. A-91


  1. AR-15
  2. M16A3
  3. M4
  4. LR-300
  5. F2000T
  6. Beretta ARX-160
  7. IMI MTAR-21
  8. HK G36
  9. CZ 805
  10. HK 416
  11. HK M27 IAR
  12. M249 SAW
  13. SIG SG 550
  14. SIG SG 551
  15. SIG SG 552
  16. SAR 21

Ultimax 100 Mk5

  1. MG4
  2. Steyr AUG A3
  3. Magpul PDR
  4. FAMAS
  5. SCAR-L
  6. KH-2002

6.8 SPC

  1. Barrett REC7
  2. Magpul ACR

Zone BeliefEdit

I believe that zone should be contained enough so that it shouldn't make outside people be concerned but still find a way to manage the profit out of it medically or creation of new source of energy.

In general:Edit

We should be more familar with The Zone to not just scavenge but also to find useful resources. Generally I'm like Freedom and Clear Sky


Hunting Monsters& Enemies Edit

Armed Targets: Sneak or Snipe 

Rodents: Shotgun them

Chimera : Shoot them with bunch of 5.45 rounds or snipe them with Gauss Rifle or RPG.

Burer: Shotgun or Gauss or any other explosives is the easiest or run&knife.

Helping stalkers....Edit

When they are wounded give them a better weapon they can become handy at times.


AK-74 to SGI 550

Hunting Rifle to SPAS 12

Makarov to Desert Eagle

OT-14 to PKM

ETC ETC........


  • Avoid giant fights
  • If things don't work blow them up.
  •  Don't spray and pray it's practically useless.
  •  Run from Chimeras when you are low on everything.
  •  Snipe if you need to.
  • Don't give Cardan 3 Vodka when you need an upgrade.
  •  If you hate the default gun skins go to Gamebanana or Stalker File Front and stop whining..
  •  Save every military members they are useful later when you evacuate.
  • Try to find every stash some are useful at times.
  • Hunt for stashes
  • Do as much jobs as you can
  • Life is not fair
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Don't Ever end up like this....

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