Hi, I'm MattyDienhoff.

I'm an experienced Wiki editor, having been an administrator on the Combine Overwiki since early 2009 and an editor on many other wikis on the Wikia network and Wikipedia itself. I'll mainly be tending the articles on game content (such as Weapons, Outfits, Locations, etc.) during my time here.

The games[edit | edit source]

I first played Shadow of Chernobyl some months after it was released on advice of a friend, and soon became a strong fan of the series. I now own all three games. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is a modern classic as far as I'm concerned, in spite of and perhaps partly because of its flaws. I'm an experienced modder and, though I've released little, I've spent much time tinkering with the game config, merging existing mods, and other pursuits. I was a member of the L.U.R.K. mod development team, though my role was minor, only concerning relatively simple config work.

I have very extensive knowledge of Shadow of Chernobyl, little knowledge of Clear Sky, and moderate knowledge of Call of Pripyat.

My favourite faction is Freedom. I use a wide variety of equipment but, like Freedom, tend to prefer Western weaponry. I usually play on Master difficulty because I like having to try hard to survive, that's the way the Zone should be. My favourite mod compilation at the moment is Complete 2009, though I tweak it to make it harder.

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