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  • add Soc/C/Cop location stashes category
  • add SocMissions template (get info from ib + category)
  • add stash locations to consumables (very common, tedious to do by hand)
  • Quest header to Infobox Mission



  • Droplets correct name:
	<string id="af-drops">
  • The best weapon: Tunder 5.45 vs. SA Avalanche


  • upgrade trees
  • Destroy the bandit camp at the Auto park.
  • Bolt
  • battle druids
  • gameplay tips for guns linking
  • Artifacts in Clear Sky (standardize, link to the main articles)
  • 12x76 Dart - no stash contains them in 1.0006
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_1">
		<text>Kill Duty's security chief</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_1_descr">
		<text>Kill Duty's security chief and try do it as quietly as possible.</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_1_text">
		<text>It would be well for Duty's security chief to quietly disappear. And when they're in a deep mess, I'll be able to plant a few of my guys in their gang. And then, the devil can pull off any stunt... alright, I better shut up. I suggest you take care of him from a distance, without kicking up a fuss.</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_2">
		<text>Kill Captain Ivantsov</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_2_descr">
		<text>Kill Captain Ivantsov, the closest aide of the Duty leader.</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_2_text">
		<text>It's a tough job, I'm warning you right away, but it's worth it. Ivantsov, a close aide of the Duty leader, has been asking for it. He does the dirtiest jobs: punitive operations, raids... If you only knew how many of our guys he's killed off! It's high time we did away with this slimeball. So if you make up your mind to do it, I suggest you get yourself well armed.</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_3">
		<text>Kill Colonel Petrenko</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_3_descr">
		<text>Kill Colonel Petrenko, one of the founders of the Duty faction.</text>
	<string id="freedom_kill_stalker_3_text">
		<text>Colonel Petrenko... I don't know if you've heard the name or met him, but it would be good for the two of you to meet. This man is one of the Duty founders and one of our worst enemies. Try to make sure your conversation ends as fast as possible... for him. Can you handle that?</text>
  • vikilinks - 100 Zone Survival Tips
  • Sniper VLA - acquisition
  • game/media references in stalkers
  • roadside picnic references
  • soc monster variants
  • variant of to unique items
  • missions article (mission types)
  • mission progressions
  • add reputation, rank, relation articles
  • explosive barrel article add info
  • Defend Duty detachment from Dark Valley bandits -> redirect back;
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. development timeline
  • template traders
    • stock
    • soc missions by character /faction -> character ->repeatable/
    • soc missions by type /type->repeatable/
  • cut characters
    • spotty - there's more on this guy
    • Vasil Luckless - aes military soldier is he cut?
    • Sasha Bely - pri_follovers ... is he cut? No such name there...
    • "Kaput"
    • Crowbar and Log in stable_dialogs_radar.xml
    • Leha the Jaw in stable_dialogs_radar.xml
  • soc missions
    • types: storyline uniq non-opt, unique optional, repeatable
  • Game location layout
    • soc locations (soc locations)
    • soc places (soc <gl> places)
  • cut attach items /bread, vodka, kolbasa, harmonica, guitar/

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