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Yay~ My PC is good......now all I gotta do is find the copies of my STALKER games....god damn it.

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About me

In the event that should I mutter a random quote that would eventually spark the biggest shitshorm in either the internet and/or real life: I happily take full responsibility and blame for every casualty accounted for


I've started playing STALKER games when I saw an article in a gaming magazine about Shadow of Chernobyl..I think it was a gaming magazine published by Windows back in 2007, although when I saw that magazine it was already 2009. At first I was skeptical about the since my first guns and equipment weren't exactly top notch(I though the game was a little boring since all I worked with were dual-barreled shotguns and unimpressive looking pistols) but as I played the game on and on I got addicted. Of all the factions my favorite one is Freedom, I also like the Mercs since I'm albeit of a mercenary by nature myself. My weapons of choice is the SiG SG-550, AK-74 and as a sidearm my choice is the Beretta 92F. I'm currently taking a degree in BS Information technology and will finish...probably in the next year. Among other things I like is /tg/'s write and drawfaggatory, black/satirical comedy, Warhammer 40K, modern weaponry, airsoft Encyclopediadramatica, exercising my Freedom that offends other uptight people, digital, electro, metal rock, classical/modern orchestra music, cats, mudkipz and all that other weeaboo gubbins.


Shadow of Chernobyl

Used a few modifications like added weapons, better models and better times of day, now the night is really dark like on CS. Sided more on Freedom's side of the conflict since I like those fellas better. The first time I finished the game is when I took the join C-Con instead of destroying them which had me play the game over again. I still took a mercenary approach to the entire game and killed anyone for profit or a threat but I never killed anyone at random, not really my style. Overall, SHoC was good...but somewhat lacking albeit.

Clear Sky

Clear Sky was the paramount of my STALKER gaming experience which really got me hooked. Apart from changes with weapon models, I only did use Boredgunner's CS remix. Here is also where I started to configure and change the game's scripts like making some items available to traders, changing some weapon's reliability(specifically the SA80's because I just love that piece of British genius) and changing the initial loadout. I went and joined most of the factions and I still enjoyed being a Freedom stalker because.....hey they got Sniper Rifles. The worst faction I ever joined probably has to the the Bandits.....even with the GP 37 it still wasn't worth the troubles of having EVERY LAST STALKER GUNNING AT ME. Yeah good times. But most of my playthroughs, I still act like a merc and never join a faction but still occasionally take the "secure this location" jobs.

Call of Pripyat

After treading through varying amounts of shit: I finally got hold of a copy. It's a lot better than the other STALKER titles I've played though the only thing spoiling it was the somewhat smaller areas to explore in comparison to the other 2 games and the English voice acting of some of the characters that reminded me of Dawn of War Soulstorm (Mostly it's about Kovalsky's voice actor that makes me laugh).


I leik

Youtube Channel

Now producing vidyas whenever I have time.

Things to do

  • Revolutionize teh Main Page. Well I could very well say done.
  • Create certain templates
  • Clear out the candidates for deletion
  • L2bureaucrat
  • Create a spoiler template: Template:Spoilers. Get out of here stalker

Next on teh list:


It's now done because it's done.

CoP characters that needs doing

Will get it done after I procure more resources from toomuchsparetime.inc

Zaton Loners (Done)

Black's squad (Done, thanks to everyone who did it for me)

Hatchet's squad (Done)

Yanov Bandits (Done)

Strider's squad (Done)

Statuses and stuff (Done)

Q&A you might be wondering about

  • Q:What do you do?
  • A:I'm one of the three people who moderates this place, apart from that I'm just one of your regular contributors.
  • Q:Why aren't your screenshots/videos in max quality?
  • A:I'm running on a fairly high-end laptop that isn't too shabby, but isn't built for hardcore gaming either. I don't set the graphics too high because I'm afraid this thing might go down from overheating and the fact that so I can still play the game without it looking like a slide show.
  • Q:Why aren't you always here?
  • A:Real life and education taking up my time. Although I try to log on here everyday and check if the place is still standing.
  • Q: Why don't you contribute much anymore these days?
  • A:My laptop broke down and I don't have a gaming rig ATM. I'll hopefully be back in the contributing game by December 2012, assuming things don't go FUBAR for my new engine.
  • Q:Can I ask you a question about things here?
  • A:As long as you're not trying to insult me in the process; sure, I'm here to help.
  • Q:What are you?
  • A:An /a/nonymous fa/tg/uy with an unhealthy obsession with /m/echa (Primarily Battletech mechs and Wanzers, also the occasional android). Also a ponyfag.