Scare Cr0w

aka Vincent

  • My occupation is Army
  • I am Male
Dolg Patch This user supports the ideals and goals of the Duty faction.

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A warrior has his Duty for the eternity, and ofcourse The deadliest weapon in the world is a Duty'er and his rifle
- Scare Cr0w

Dolg PatchDOLG - We believe in our victory! And the threat in the Zone will be wiped out!!

Duty oathEdit

I, a stalker known as the Scare Cr0w

swear to defend the goals and ideals of Duty.

To protect the Earth from the dangers of the Zone, to seek out and destroy anything it spawns within and beyond its borders.

To fight any nonconformists, be they individual loners or groups.

And to give my life in the name of justice and order on Earth!''

Zone location interests Edit


CERBERUS, The watch-dog of Hades, whose duty it was to guard the entrance to Hell. Duty is in the blood of every guardian member of Dolg. Sacrifice must be applied in order to protect the future ."

I like to look into these locations thru out the whole Stalker series, i find them pretty much interesting to hang around..




Army Warehouses


I keep my load out pretty mutch the same thru out the whole Stalker series. Sometimes i make few changes and go for the interesting load outs. Im mostly gear up with Sovjet weapons since they are my number 1 favorite load out. For NATO weapons i perfer SGi-5k and IL 86 i use these 2 weapons if i want to combine my load out with random gear on diffarant situations but again, i use sovjet weapons as the main load out.

Gameplay StyleEdit

Sometimes i go solo to loot and see if any Loner needs a helping hand out of trouble, i mostly join raids with Duty and sometimes i make raids myself eather solo or with my Duty units. My closest buddy's are Trifar and Gagarin, in the zone we earned the name as the 3 musketeers since we allwayes help any friendly taffer who is in trouble. As a Duty member at heart i dont show mercy to anyone whos a hostile towords Dolg faction!

  • Scientists

One of my intrest is to help scientists with there reaserch by providing them with security and help on researching the artifacts. Clear Sky are good fellas, Dolg has nothing against there researching and if anything, Im allwayes around to provide them with my security.

Short Bio Edit

Greatingz fellow stalkers! iv been playing stalker ever since it came out, and i love the settings and gameplay. I also like to edit in game. I ussually edit scripts and such (small stuff yet) its fun to edit in stalker, no matter what mod you have atlas or oblivion lost. For example, i managed to fix the problem with oblivion lost Atlas spawn menu. So now if i want i can spawn npc's in the zone (without game crash or anything) which is cool though easy to do once you know how to merge the right files. Stalker has allwayes been and allwayes will be my number 1 favorite game. Luv it! Dez0wave team is about to release a new mod im sure you all heard of it [Lost Alpha] there link is right here, if ya want go check it out,its dope freshness saaan! pretty good stuff cant wait to edit there aswell. (realtions script, gameplay scripts and such)

Stalker The Board game Prototype Edit

Lately ive had some ideas of makeing a stalker board game and it didnt really had that atmosphear from the stalker series....the board game had alot of that risk board game going on and it felt really dull and boring. So i learned that i was going to have more inspiration and improvise more. I took a look at war games from bouth card games and original board games, and then knew how to make a whole new stalker game. And the idea is to >> combining the bouth card and board game in to one. Card game is going to have mecanics such as npcs indeviduals with there weapon stats and mutch more here is an example

Yes i have been looking at the card game developer who made the game Frontlines D-day, and got really inspierd of makeing my own version with few simple mods.

The board game is going to take place BEFORE Clear Sky series, like 6-9 mounths before Clear Sky events. In the beta there will be few locations such as Cordon, Dark Valley, Agroprom, Garbage and Army Warehouse. Other parts of the map are considered to be the radiation hazards locations Faction are going to be Duty, Freedom, Loners, Renegades, Military and Mercenaries. Monlith are going to be fighting in the threat cards with mutants and so on.

  • The game

Is NOT going to be overdone like in Clear Sky, where everyone got npc in every little courner. No no :) this game will have a great deal of survivor theme and faction fighting function.

  • Missions

Are going to be very intense and interesting, bouth participating in assassination and idle neutral missions.

  • Board

Is going to be a Stalker series map based on locations and paths.

  • Battle

Bleeding and use of armor will have simple functions for the better game play ;) use of weapons will be also made in a easy way to play.

  • Threats in the Zone

Mutants, anomolies and blowouts

  • Locations

Underground labs as a separate map location for players to find and locate items and artefacts that can help your faction.

  • Traders

Will have items that ur stalker might need to survive ;) such as bandages med kits and weapons. (you can also trade in ur artefacts)

  • Movement

There are going to be 6 squads, each of them can have up to 5 NPC cards, You can also hier ur own faction guide to travel faster BUt can get costly.

  • Weapons

ALL weapons are going to be in the game, even the upgraded ones. But u cant upgrade them urself u have to buy the already upgraded ones...

  • Tasks

Variouse of tasks will be in the game bouth neutral and faction tasks.

  • Assassination Tasks

Even the assassination tasks of your own men in the faction will be in the game. So what destiny will you choose for the sake of your faction :)? will u kill one of your OWN man to get points and items or pass?

Patrol wikia page shift SoC (Stuff to do)Edit


  • Underpass


  • Vehicle graveyard
  • Vehicle station


  • Wild Territory
  • Wish Granter


  • Yantar

Bio CardEdit

Wanna create your bio card?

enter that link and it will guide you stalker!.


АН-94 (AN-94)

АН-94 (AN-94)

My favorite Weapon.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Посвящается группировке

СТАЛКЕР - звуки долга \ stalker Dolg sounds

СТАЛКЕР - звуки долга \ stalker Dolg sounds



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Parody Dedication to Duty

Parody theme to Duty faction.)


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl OST - Duty's Megafon Music

Base Megafone

Metro 2033 OST - Propaganda Tune

Metro 2033 OST - Propaganda Tune

Metro 2033 Relax theme. Luv it :P

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