aka Dean

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on November 26
  • I am Dude

About meEdit


I'm a pretty chill guy who doesn't really care what anyone does as long as it doesn't hurt anyone/infringe on someone's freedom/slander people/etc. I'm a STALKER fan (obviously, and a Freedomer), a Pittsburgher, Penguins fan (fuck the Consol Energy Center, Civic Arena was much better), mil-sim airsoft player, a World War II enthusiast, furry (disclaimer: straight and not into the mature stuff, thank you), and a power/heavy metal fan.


Mil-sim airsoft, my favorite thing to do! I rock the Bundeswehr look, with a Classic Army MP5A3 (or "Viper", hehe) w/mock suppressor and several internal upgrades as my death-dealer. In the winter a German snow camouflage smock gives me a nice little edge; it looks badass and I've been told on numerous occasions that it really works. At the time of this writing I'm trying to get my hands on a Classic Army G36KE, when I do I'll pop the C-style sight rail on it and trick out the internals.

So yeah, that's me. I got a Steam account, as well as Skype, so if you ever want to play something together, chat, or ask a question, feel free to do so.


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