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I have recently became a very active editor on Darksiders Wiki. Active to the point of becoming an admin there. I encourage everyone to at least visit that wiki and see it yourself! The game itself is very different from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but still I liked it a lot an its wiki seemed abandoned so I took care of it. I also encourage everyone to help :D

About me, myself and IEdit

Well I thought that after quite an editing rampage it time to write something about meself.

Why am I here - ancient history of yours truly, me.Edit

I used this wikia for quite some time before first editing anything like many folks here i guess... I remember well my first couple of edits. Firstly the excessive Enter key usage on Firefly page drove me nuts but that was just minor motivation. The real motivation came when I had some problems with generally speaking the Oasis thingy in CoP. When I came here for help it struck me how is it possible that this theoretically easy to describe mission/location is so mixed up here and uneasy to use. At this point I uploaded some first screenshots here - and I admit that they could have been better made, but they are not half bad I think, as for first uploaded images that is. I remember that i spent quite some time learning to edit things during this Oasis edits chapter. I generally refrain from uploading screenshots due to shittiness of my PC - details below. After that I disappeared for some time and now thanks to my next CoP walkthrough I am back as my memory is refreshed and I remembered to direct more attention to certain things during the gameplay.

But srsly why am I here?Edit

Because S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are awesome, why else? I don't know what exactly I liked about this series the most... I guess mostly but not only the overall creepy / dark / ghastly / forlorn-ish /morbid / mysterious theme and unique plot. I just like editing things here - ppl are nice, not much crowd, easy to do things you wanna do and I wanna make it better'n bigger :)
Since I am Polish and born in the period of actual Chernobyl disaster so I really am attracted to this title also due to my birth-time/place background... after all my mother had to drink Lugol's solution at the time she was pregnant with me, obviously because of the suspected fallout (on that wiki page it even noted about Poland). I guess one might say I was Marked by the zone even before my birth :) I am not familiar with Russian nor Ukrainian, never have been, but it's funny how I understand every 2nd or 3rd word of the Russian spoken content - makes you bond with the setting much faster you know. The languages in spoken form are similar enough to understand a few things but not similar enough to make a fluent conversation in real life. To complete all this I am very much interested in chemistry and nuclear energy topics and got some knowledge here, which gives me quite good start background to play the game.
Don't worry, I am quite normal and not mutated or crazy, well, apart from being crazy enough to spend hours here editing stuff after which I *might* be a little zombiefied hehe.

So... what do I do here?Edit

I am not a kind of blind fan, I am well aware of maaaany bugs in the series some of which can be described as legendary or epic even. The game however is great and that is why I think it deserves a detailed and fairly developed wikia. Unfortunately it is hard to say that as of A.D Nov 8th 2011, 5 in the morning my time. I'd say that this wikia reflects the mentioned buggyness of the series pretty well... that is why I edit nearly anything that I find and needs editing - from simple text content to editing templates, renaming pages, making pages or riping images from game texture files to put them here.

How do I do my stuff?Edit

To be continued...

My, ekhem, "Rig" Edit

It's old, it's crappy but it's mine. We grew up together...

  • CPU: Athlon 64 X2 4400+, 2.2 Ghz, socket 939
  • MOBO: Asus A8N-E on nforce 4
  • GPU: Gigabyte GeForce 8600 GT 256 MB GDDR3 (slightly OC'ed)
  • RAM: Geil 2x1GB DDR 400 2.5-3-3-6 1T
  • HDD: System: WD Caviar Black 500 GB, Rest: 2 * 1.5 TB
  • PSU: Chieftec 350 W
  • Display: Samsung SyncMaster 930BF (19", 4:3)

My favorite pagesEdit


SoC IconsEdit

SOC Protect Icon Rad SOC Protect Icon Fire SOC Protect Icon Chem SOC Protect Icon Elec SOC Protect Icon Rupt SOC Protect Icon Imp SOC Protect Icon Bull SOC Protect Icon Expl

SOC Protect Icon Rad A SOC Protect Icon Heal SOC Protect Icon Endu SOC Protect Icon Blee

SOC Protect Icon Psy

CS IconsEdit

CSiconRad CSiconBurn CSiconChemical CSiconElectro CSiconRupt CSiconImpact CSiconBulletProof CSiconExplo CSiconTelepathy CSiconWeight

CSiconRada CSiconHealth CSiconEndur CSiconBleed

CoP IconsEdit

CoP RadGood CoP Thermal CoP Chemo CoP Electro CoP Impact CoP Toughness CoP Armour CoP Psy CoP WeightCap

CoP RadBad CoP HealthRegen CoP Endurance CoP WoundHeal CoP Satiety

CoP Anabiotic CoP Container CoP Duration CoP IRscanner CoP Item Weight CoP NVmk1 CoP Sprint.Servo

SoC Arities IconsEdit

Soc icon battery bu Soc icon battery el Soc icon crystal Soc icon crystal thorn Soc icon droplets Soc icon fireball Soc icon flash Soc icon goldfish Soc icon gravi Soc icon jellyfish Soc icon kolobok Soc icon mama's beads Soc icon meat chunk Soc icon mica Soc icon moonlight Soc icon night star Soc icon pellicle Soc icon slime Soc icon slug Soc icon soul Soc icon sparkler Soc icon spring Soc icon stone blood Soc icon stone flower Soc icon thorn Soc icon urchin Soc icon wrenched

CoP Arties IconsEdit

Cop icon altered insulator Cop icon altered wheel Cop icon anomalous plant Cop icon battery Cop icon bubble Cop icon compass Cop icon crystal Cop icon eye Cop icon fireball Cop icon firefly Cop icon flame Cop icon flash Cop icon goldfish Cop icon gravi Cop icon heart of the oasis Cop icon jellyfish Cop icon kolobok Cop icon mama's beads Cop icon meat chunk Cop icon moonlight Cop icon night star Cop icon shell Cop icon snowflake Cop icon soul Cop icon sparkler Cop icon stone blood Cop icon stone flower Cop icon unknown blue Cop icon unknown green Cop icon wrenched

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