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Hi, welcome to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Firefly page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Octurion (Talk) 02:07, March 15, 2011

Do you ever sleep? Edit

Thanks for all your hard work. 06:38, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

I do... sometimes... ^^ Edit

Hehe :) yeah i do sleep from time to time :P but seriously i just couldn't stand the general disorder in the articles and lack of so many information themselves. since i recently revisited Call of Pripyat i decided to make severe changes and there is still much, much to be done. Imho stalker is such a climatic and great game that i decided that it is worth my spare time. Unfortunately i am limited with pictures as my computer is an old piece of crap :P and low quality images are not worth uploading here. my aim is to make this wikia more like fallout 3 wikia in terms of details and user-friendliness. that one just rocks hard!

btw, i am intrigued who are you exactly :) ?

Tyrael pl 20:10, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

I'd like to personally thank you for the lolheug amount of work you've done here in such a short span of time. Man I wish I'd be as active as you again these days.
SHIELD unit 14:06, October 21, 2011 (UTC)


excellent Fotos dude keep it up!

Omar 2011-10-14 ---> ( Scrare Cr0w )

No problemEdit

i riped em from game files ;p more files incoming ^^
btw use four tildas (~) to leave a signature it will also link your sig so that no one will have to look for a person to reply ;]

Tyrael pl 20:46, October 14, 2011 (UTC)

Tactical Helmet FilterEdit

Did u notice there aint no filter on tactical militery helmet Sphere-08?...

Tactical helmet with filterr

This is how it looks liek with filter.

Scare Cr0w 21:46, November 4, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

Well i think i dont understand what you mean exactly? By filter you mean that round part on one side of the helmet? I have no idea what this image is to present but its either made by you ^^ or by some fans, can you plz explain fully what are you trying to say (Best if given comparison or other means to show your point)?
On the side note... imho you need to learn to optimize your actions. you uploaded two different images: Tactical helmet with filter.png and Tactical helmet with filterr.png. now they have only different background black or white. i assume you uploaded the "white" one and saw you forgot to change the background so you uploaded the same file with changed background as NEW file. this wastes wikia resources and you only needed to Upload a new version of this file... there is such option on the image page at the lower part, below the image.

Tyrael pl 21:59, November 4, 2011 (UTC)
Yes the round part is filter container applyed to the u can see in EVERY stalker game every Sphere helmet has got one. And yes i made this imadge by myself and its very easy and realistic looking to the speahr helmet along with its gasmask. If u mean that this imadge of gasmask isnt with filter in the game i dont see any reasson why any other speahr helemt should be with gasmask filter and this one without... seems little bit pointless. I made the imadge and its looks just like its should be, even thow i applyed a small thing such as filter still makes it look good. Ow and i thought black backround seem to look better than white one.
Scare Cr0w 22:50, November 4, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

Hehe so you wanna say that this is how you think it SHOULD look like ;] an ofc i did notice it a long time ago, also it drove me nuts that one helmet had this filter and the other one did not. well i think that the game makers distinguished these two helmets, not mention colors, in such a way so that they are not easily mistaken. In the inventory colors can be mixed up if those two items are not close to one another. But if one is slightly different can tell em apart with ease.

bout resources... everything on wikia is stored on some server's hard drive which is a resource. if you consider one 100 kB image its nothing but even if, only once a week, only 10 users add only 1 unneeded image on every separate wikia service (which are hard to count but lets assume 1000) that gives you "only": 100 kB * 10 images * 52 weeks * 1000 wikias = 52 000 000 kB = ~49.6 GB of additional useless data per year. the reality would give, i bet, a much bigger number since i assumed quite low starting numbers and just for images. therefore, apart from ecology and all but someone has to buy extra storage to contain evergrowing wikias and the same someone has to pay the electrical bills (which are astronomic for huge servers like wikia) as well as pay for conservation like AC etc. conclucion: the more resources we waste the sooner wikia would need a dontaion or, god forbid, the sooner it will be shut down or have other serious maintenance problems. I, myself, just have a policy that if something is free it doesn't mean it should be abused or used mindlessly. dont you agree? i don't want to offend anyone but people tend less and less to analyze their actions and the consequences. peace man :D
Tyrael pl 23:20, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

So to keep them from mirroring these two helmets they remove one filter, thats unnecessary in my opinion.. Stalker cop is 3rd game people should be knowing the diffarance in these helmets, yet i cant blame them some peopel are not interested in gear and such. And yes i do agree. But still u cant blame it on me or anyone els since there are 100000 of wikia's out there that are makeing bigger mistakes or a tiny waste of wikia rescourses. This is naturel, not everyone on wikia is fully aware of these things. You can tell them or warn them about wikia rescourses but u cant prevent them from ever happening. In that case i believe u wont ever go to sleep xD People do learn from there misstakes, im not here 24/7 so i guess i should keep in maind about these wikia rescourses i like to edit things that i know most about the topic the rest just come along with learning.

Scare Cr0w 23:42, November 4, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

I dont blame you or anyone else :) but when i see some minor mistakes like such as you made i try to spread awareness , like i did. ofc people make "bigger mistakes" but i think that better if to compare oneself to the worse half is to compare to better half of the community. Just in future try not do unneeded things and each kB you spare will be a small gain to compensate for other' mistakes.

So edit by all means just do it efficiently :) ofc i also try to optimize my actions more and more. see ya!

Tyrael pl 00:04, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Categorise and VisualsEdit

For some reasson i get an error saying

Source mode required Rich text editing has been disabled because the page contains complex code.

wth does that mean?.....

Scare Cr0w 17:41, November 6, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

Reply here
Tyrael pl 22:35, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Hey, thanks, and so on ;) Edit

No problem, and thanks. I'd been thinking about doing this for a while but only found the time now.

And you don't have to worry about hard feelings from me, after all this is a community site and i don't expect my contributions to be treated as the word of God :) If anything, what i'm doing is laying the framework, it's the wiki magic that will turn them into good articles. I don't have the ego to mind edits to my contributions, all i care about is that the articles grow better.

On the topic of images, i deliberately avoid uploading such when possible because i'm only able to run the game(s) on fairly low graphics settings and i don't want to fill the wiki with crappy low-res pictures when there are people that can put up much more decent ones, so your adding them is very welcome.

Also, if you have any suggestions about improving upon what i'm doing, feel free to lay them on me.

- Cheers : )

Cursed To Exist 03:44, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Infobox for flash drives Edit

Please check out the Flash drive with data on a closed-cycle breathing module talk page - i modified your infobox suggestion. (Let's take this part of our discussions there, we'll be able to coordinate better.)

Since i have to work and so forth i will have to continue adding the information on the other flash drives when i can. I hear you about putting the appropriate invertory icons too, i may do that also. I have a hunch that weapons upgrades use the white one, while those for armor use the blue one, but i'll check before commiting it.

On another subject, i'm not sure about the appropriateness of certain ideas i have, so i'd appreciate it if you give me an opinion. I was thinking if maybe adding screenshots of the dialogue with characters that sell stash locations would be a good idea. Perhaps a screenshot of the actual stash (or corpse or whatever) itself as well. You know - kind of showing each step in the process - from acquiring the location of the flash drive (or directly finding it) to actually turning it in to the technician. My point about me having a shitty PC just like you still stands though, so maybe someone else should do it.

Actually, we should probably take all of this to the talk page i linked above (or the main Flash drives article talk page) so i can stop cluttering your talk page :)

Cursed To Exist 11:21, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Talk here.
Tyrael pl 20:49, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Shaggy Sergei Edit

Why did u remove a non moded Shaggy sergei foto?..

Scare Cr0w 16:38, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

Dude are you seriouse or just vandalizing?... if u ever played stalker you should know by these models in the Bullet and shaggy sergei pictures are not Moded. Scare Cr0w 16:43, November 9, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

gave the reason in comment to the edit... removerd pic - modded content not allowed. well i spent too much time here to vandalize. yes, i did play em as i wrote somewhere and cant recall em having balaclavas. i will look into it. i figured you uploaded maany pics here of modded content and i coundnt recall balaclavas thus my remove. ill look into those models in texture files...
Tyrael pl 16:55, November 9, 2011 (UTC)
Yes be my guest play as long as you understand the diffarance betwean the real stalker and modded onse. Check the models script aswell that might help you understand a little better.. Duty Freedom Bandits Stalkers Monolith ALLWAYES had a balcavas in Shadow of Chernobyl. Its one of the models that has been existing ever since Lost alpha. But in Clear Sky and Call of pripyat they removed it... Adios
Scare Cr0w 17:01, November 9, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

my bad. checked. plz dont lecture me in such a manner, i can understand critics but there is no need to be snide. i understand difference between mod mechanics and unmodded game quite well. also bear in mind all your foul-ups and nobody called you names, not me for sure, i made one mistake and already a vandal? i dont think you're in any position to call me that. try to be more polite - i dont remember offending you so openly, if you think i did, it was not my intention and, again, am sorry for that. we have the same goal here to make this place better - this also includes others people's mistakes. if i see something i regard as a mistake i correct it. if someone sees my corrections is not true, lets talk and discuss.

I always respect people and i expect the same thing, it's not much.

On the side note, true vandalism is quite different. such people have more fun removing whole content or adding some curses so that they are openly visible. the more tricky vandals add curses for example so that they are not easily found, therefore harder to remove and correct.
Tyrael pl 17:58, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

Im not calling you names, you say i ofended you by calling you a vandalist, Vandalist means alot of things such as removing something from the topic that is correct and plus acusing other one for makeing a misstake. You acused me of putting up fotos that are non moded then in realy that foto was upploaded by Octurion the Admin of this wikia and i seriously doubt that he would put something on here that doesnt belong here. And on top of that you lecture other people then in reality you make these simple misstakes dude, removing something that your doubt about i would sugest asking first, and not acusing anyone just becouse in your hassistation. Im sory that i offended you or anything, this wikia and Stalker game series gave me insparation to edit something to spice things up and such since i playd stalker so many times and im sure everyone here did aswell, so please dont acuse others just becouse of your doubt in mind that the topic is eather fals or incoret, iv seen you do this act sometimes and its ok becouse you CARE about this wikia but sometimes you really miss the point that your not alone here who wants to share and edit aswell. And thats why you eather doubt on the information or you just not agreeing with it. Thats why it brings to mind that you playd a little bit Stalker since it amazed me how u removed the balcava model and btw its not only the first time u wure wrong about the topic but thats OWKEY! becouse people here are diffarant everyone with his/hers abillity not EVERYONE is the SAME. Everyone is makeing a misstake its natural i understand that. And to talking down on me like that that i ofended you please dont acuse me of that becouse im not acusing anyone who wants to learn me or give a hint and awareness i respect that person. I made a Major page and becouse of my confusion i kaind of vandalised since its a wrong info law is a law and thats why my and your vandalism and misstakes becouse who ever likes Stalker series are not here to vandalise and TROLL these people like the topic so you and me and eveyone els who enjoys the stalker series are trying to make the best info as possible. So dont take this personaly becouse some one is giving u a headsup or warning or a hint its just a giving helpful hand no need to be over confidnet and misstrust or hassitation. Once again pardon from my side if i ofended you sir. Adios

Scare Cr0w 18:28, November 9, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

"Vandalist means alot of things such as removing something from the topic that is correct and plus acusing other one for makeing a misstake."
No, to "[...] commit vandalism when they willfully damage or deface the property of others or the commons.[...]" (from wikipedia). I did not make a willful damage. Also did not accuse, merely stated a wiki rule as a reason for an action "removerd pic - modded content not allowed" which rule happens to be true. I did not point fingers on who put it or uploaded it etc - it was of no importance.
"that foto was upploaded by Octurion the Admin of this wikia and i seriously doubt that he would put something on here that doesnt belong here."
i also doubt that, however like all of us he is a human and he could have made a mistake. also, there might have been a reason it was not used in that article...
"you make these simple misstakes dude"
I dont make these mistakes, i made one so far, singular not plural. count yours first.
"Thats why it brings to mind that you playd a little bit Stalker"
Definitely not little, just a while ago.
"please dont acuse others just becouse of your doubt in mind that the topic is eather fals or incoret, iv seen you do this act sometimes [...]"
once again, i dont accuse anyone of anything. what exactly you've seen? any particular example? just curious what exactly do you refer to.
"Im sory that i offended you or anything"
Apology accepted.
"confidnet and misstrust or hassitation"
these are all good traits to some degree and i dont overdose em. confidence makes you build individuality not to be overwhelmed by mass, mistrust in others prevents being caught off-guard and hesitation (even tho opposite to confidence) makes your mind evolve thanks to analyzing your actions more.
"Once again pardon from my side if i ofended you sir."
Irony or are we good? really there is no need for the formal style, im no sir. ofc when some 12 yo punk troll tries to be smarter than he can be the situation is different and I really am a "sir" for him, but here... i think we have a whole other case here, i'd rather think we are more like equals here than superior and inferior to one another.

i got my conclusion from this situation and really rather use my lacking time on work here...

oh one more thing... most things i change, i change to fit pages better to the general idea. not all the changes i make to my liking. if a could i would have made many things differently but the overall thought is more important.

Tyrael pl 20:19, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

So long story short you have a hard time letting go. After my reply to you, you seem to not give a single taff about what im on about in result makes my reply to you a big confusion and that results into a HUGe worhtless argument. Aufiderzein

Scare Cr0w 22:43, November 9, 2011 (UTC)Scare Cr0w

Hey guys.

I have some inside info on a Stalker Boardgame, currently in pre-production by GSC's Russian Stalker franchise licensee's "Zov Habara". New Stalker Boardgame, dubbed "Zona Konflikta" aka The Zone of Conflict will be a skirmish-based wargame, where players will play out battles fought between various factions of the Chernobyl's Zone of Alienation.

The starter set will have 23 miniatures, gameboard, some kind of measuring device, dice and a rulebook. Game itself is a mixture beetween well known wargames such as Warhammer and tactical gameplay reminescent of X-com games.

Game is released on November 1st 2012 in Russia and former USSR countries. But there are plans to localize and sell game worldwide. The starter kit will have two squads of stalkers from Dolg (Duty) and Svoboda (Freedom), plus various monsters, artifacts and anomalies to use in game.

Here are some proof pics:


P.S. What do you think?

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