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Docent Suslov

V.I. "Docent" Suslov is a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


He serves as the Clear Sky faction's trader and is the one to hand out all Clear Sky faction quest rewards. At the beginning of the game, he gives the player a first set of weapons and medical equipment. Prior to this, he was a former member of the Group, along with N. A. Lebedev and E. F. Kalancha[1]. This likely means he is among the founders of Clear Sky, or at least one of its first members.


Unlike Grey he is not quite as useful to the player in the end-game, but he is one of the cheapest ammunition and medical supply traders, and only Sakharov and Sidorovich pays more for artifacts. Secondly, unlike Sakharov he accepts weapons – a thrifty player can condense their shopping trips into the Clear Sky encampment if they bring enough salvaged weapons to make up the difference - Suslov pays the biggest prices for all weapons.


  • Interestingly enough, Suslov expresses a desire to pool all Zone traders' resources and use them to find a way past the Brain Scorcher. This exact thing happens in Shadow of Chernobyl, though it appears only Sidorovich and the Barkeep are in on the plan by then. However, given that Sidorovich mentions multiple other Traders being in on the scheme aside from himself and the Barkeep, and considering that Suslov is one of the most likely candidates for having survived Clear Sky's fate, it's not unreasonable to think he may still be active, albeit not seen by the player.
  • In the English version of Clear Sky, Suslov is voiced by Steven Blum, famous for voicing Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and Grunt from Mass Effect. He also provides the voice for Freedom leader Chekhov and Freedom technician Yar.