Warrant Officer Valentyr (also known as Valentir in some translations) is a Military Stalker that was part of Operation Fairway in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat Edit

WO Valentyr seems to be under Tarasov's orders, which implies he was part of the Stingray 3 crew.

Valentyr first appears when the player's group leaves the Jupiter Underground where he, along with Podorozhny, Morozov and Tarasov, intercepts the player's squad. Afterwards, he appears during the Mysterious Weapons quest, as part of Tarasov's squad. He may die in the mission, either by the Monolith Preacher or by the several squads of Monolithians which ambush the Major and Tarasov's team, but can be kept alive if the player dispatches the Preacher and the Monolith snipers quick enough. If he survived the mission, he will be found in the Laundromat, near Tarasov, and will take part in the final mission during the Pripyat Evacuation.

In order to get the positive ending for Garry, Valentyr (along with other soldiers) must make it to the helicopters alive.


  • When he intercepts the Major and his teammates, he is strangely wearing a Skat-9 military armoured suit instead of his regular Berill-5M armoured suit.
  • Valentyr and his squadmate Tarasov likely a reference to "In the Zone of Special Attention" (" В зоне особого внимания " / " V zone osobogo vnimaniya " ) and "Hit Back " ( " Ответный ход " / " Otvetnyy khod " ) , a 1977 and 1981 Soviet action movies featuring two soldiers of the same names.
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