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"What do you think, we're here for fun? Why so trigger happy? Can't you see that we're all friends here? Me and Agent D... have been through a lot, trust me on that!"

Vano to Captain Tarasov

Vano (Вано) is a Loner and potential companion who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Vano is an optimistic, friendly, and loyal Stalker whose biggest flaw is that he is too trusting of people. This trait often gets him into trouble, such as being swindled into a debt scheme with a loan-shark named Jack over a SEVA suit. He was acquainted with Zulu back in the 100 Rads bar and the two know each other well.


Call of Pripyat[]

Vano appears in the Yanov train station, standing at a table behind Flint. Most of the other stalkers seem to avoid him despite his jovial attitude, and after speaking with the player for awhile he confesses he's in debt to Jack, the local Bandit leader, starting the quest Debts. The player is given 5000 RU, and told to do what they can to ensure the bandits cease harassing Vano so he can get back to his stalking. The player can pay Jack what Vano has given him, with interest, or threaten him into ceasing his harassment. Alternately, the player can slaughter Jack and his second-in-command, and Vano will let the player keep the 5000 out of gratitude, usually saying he owes them one.

Later, the player can call in this favor with Vano and ask him to come along with them and Zulu to Pripyat. Vano requests his money back so he can get his SEVA Suit back from Hawaiian and gladly suits up. In the Underground section, he makes devastating use of his shotgun, especially against mutants, and seems unusually durable compared to the rest of the team - perhaps to counter his nearly suicidal means of attacking most threats. He also leads the team through the anomaly fields and seems to be the most experienced in this area. If anyone else dies during the trip, he will usually swap weapons with them - almost always making a beeline for Zulu's RP-74.

Once the player makes it to Pripyat, Vano hangs out in the Laundromat, lending his assistance to the player along with Lieutenant Sokolov (or Lieutenant Skelya if Sokolov is dead) in taking down a Monolith garrison. He vanishes shortly before the emission that marks the beginning of the final quest and does not reappear.

In the ending, if he survives, it is revealed he journeyed back to the Freedom-controlled Army Warehouses for an unspecified reason where he earned the trust of many Stalkers there with his cheerful personality and eventually chose to use his anomaly-exploring skills to aid the Ecologists faction as a guide.


  • Due to a glitch, occasionally Vano and Lt. Sokolov will become hostile during the fight for the bookstore - this can be solved with a simple quickload, and is most often due to ricochets or friendly fire with shotguns.
  • Vano is most likely of Georgian nationality, as his name is Georgian and his face has South Caucasian features, as well as speaking with a distinct Georgian accent in the Russian version of the game.
  • Vano's facial features were taken from photos of GSC's animator — Yevgen Yablon