'Hey buddy, watch out. There's a shitload of dogs around here, climb on the rocks quick!'
- Vasyan

Vasyan (Васян) was a Rookie Loner stalker during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Clear Sky

Residing in the Garbage, he works as both a digger and a messenger for a certain digger group led by a man named "Freshy" who is a friend of Wild Napr. He was sent by Freshy to catch up to Fang who did not pay for the parts they found in the Garbage and with the hopes of convincing him to pay at least half of the money, being him a "Silver tongued, son of a gun". Fang did not pay the diggers because they did not get all of the components. Vasyan however lost Fang when he was chased by a pack of Blind dogs and had him stranded on a rock, Scar then showed up later and helped Vasyan kill the dogs chasing him and thanked him by telling Scar where Fang went, which was the Dark Valley.

Vasyan is later seen at the encampment past the concentration camp but in most cases, dead from either the Bandits or from the mutants. He also sells some stash coordinates, but player can also buy the same coordinates from Garin.


  • In the dead digger's PDA recording, he is referred to as "Vasya." This is most likely an oversight.
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