The Vehicle graveyard is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Following the disastrous explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986, many emergency, military and civilian vehicles were used in containing the disaster and radioactive fallout. Their service has earned them a doubtful reward: forever rusting in a scrapyard, as they were irradiated during the cleanup operation.

Shortly after the crisis was contained, the vehicles became prey to scavengers, who sought spare parts and scrap metal to sell on the market. Their situation did not improve when the Zone was born - the scrapyard attracted anomalies and became a deathtrap for the unwary, although a tempting one, since artifacts have a tendency to appear in and around the scrapyard.


The graveyard is a rectangular plot of land, surrounded from all sides by a barbed wire fence (with large holes) and filled with derelict vehicles, ranging from trucks, through buses to three Mi-24 Hinds. To the north lies a massive pile of irradiated dirt and debris removed from the nuclear power plant after the 1986 disaster, while the road cutting through the Garbage lies to the east. To the south lie small hills, offering cover, while to the west is a grass field. And anomalies. Lots of them.


Clear SkyEdit

SCS Vehicle graveyard vehicles

The vehicles rotting in the graveyard.

SCS Vehicle graveyard crashed Mi24

A damaged Mi-24 resting in it's grave.

As part of the Bandits' plan to excavate the Garbage for hidden treasure, an improvised prison camp was setup to house the captured Loners they used to search through two of the smaller anomaly fields in the area.

A small burner anomaly field sits in the southeast corner of the scrapyard, while the rest is noticeably high in radiation and ambient temperature, with a field of Springboard anomalies protecting the Western approach. Despite this, anywhere from three to seven Loners maybe imprisoned here against their will, held as hostages by the Bandit guards at the onset of the faction war.

Early on in the game, if the player has sided with the Loners and Father Valerian, the guards of the concentration camp will likely respond to the disturbances caused at the two entrances. If not, the player must move with some care if they wish to avoid disturbing the guards and risking the lives of the hostages. The player usually can not approach the guards or the hostages even if they are neutral - the Bandits there will open fire once they tread into the restricted area.

If the player does not kill the guards themselves, Wild Napr eventually gives a quest to launch an assault on the concentration camp. Even if the player does not do it themselves, the Loners will eventually take care of their own, though the attack might cost them several hostages.

Attacking the encampment is rather straightforward: they have cover, and lots of grenades - you don't. Flanking and sometimes using the pile of garbage to the north to snipe them off is likely the safest route, but requires a suit with high rad protection and/or an anti-rad artifact.

For your troubles, one of the hostages (if enough survive) will give you the coordinates to a weapons cache, and the Burner field in the southeast and the Springboard field at the western end tend to spawn various artifacts.

Due to a bug hostages can become hostile to you if you dont kill EVERY Bandit in the area. After killing them they become again neutral or friendly. Further, if you stand too close to a hostage while Bandits are still alive, the hostage will sometimes stand, throw a punch at you, and take your currently held weapon.

Completing the mission after taken from Wild Napr, Bandit faction hostile to you even if they were neutral to you at first.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

At some point later on, the scrapyard's anomalies vanished from within the fence's perimeter, making the scrapyard a (mostly) safe place to camp. Having retaken it presumably during the events of Clear Sky, loners led by Bes maintain a small occupation force there. They consider the place the entrance to the Zone proper.

Defending it is rather simple - the majority of the bandits flank along Bes' right side, and it is usually the best place to cover, as the three AI Stalkers do not cover it themselves. The bandit in the black trenchcoat is the leader, and killing him completes a quest for Sidorovich. Later in the game, a horde of Pseudodog mutants swarms the scrapyard, at the same time as the Loners move off to the bandit camp further back.



Loot in bes camp1

Search map

  • The crates on the high watch tower contain a thousand 9x19mm PB1s rounds, which comes down like rain if you shoot the crates from below. One can also use a grenade to scatter most of the ammunition around if not all boxes are shootable.
  • In the small cabin near the watchtower, you can find useful loot such as Medkits, 5.45x39mm ammunition and Bandages.
  • Hidden in the trailer (easternmost truck near the fence) is a Silencer. You have to do a sprint jump to get in though. The truck is the one with the covered trailer, and the silencer is in a blue smashable loot box under the ramp.
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