A next generation scientific detection scanner. Thanks to three modernized detection chambers, the position of artifacts is shown on a special display screen. When closed, the device registers only radiation and anomalies. To switch to artifact search mode, open the front LED display. When in search mode, the detector is capable of locating all artifacts known to science.

Veles detector Call of Pripyat item description

The Veles detector is an Anomaly and Artifact detector featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.

General characteristics and features[edit | edit source]

It is one of the most effective artifact detectors found in the Zone. Unlike other detectors, the Veles detector is capable of showing both the direction and actual location of the artifact(s) on an LED screen, although lacking the beeping function of the Echo and Bear Detectors. Nevertheless, it can detect multiple artifacts at once and the location(s) at a more accurate level.

While it only registers proximity to anomalies via audible beeps and cannot show anomalies on its screen like its successor, the Svarog detector, some players may prefer to keep a Veles detector to easily identify an artifact as the Svarog detector displays artifacts as tiny green dots which can be hard to see.

Detectable Artifacts[edit | edit source]

The Veles can detect all of the artifacts found by the Echo and Bear variants, and is required to detect the most valuable artifacts in both games:

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shadow of Chernobyl[edit | edit source]

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SOC Detector Icon Veles.png

Though not available within the game, the "Veles" Detector is nonetheless included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl within its code. If somehow obtained it is functional as an anomaly detector but does not provide any artifact-related functionality. It has a dramatically different appearance than what is seen in subsequent S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Clear Sky[edit | edit source]

The Veles Detector is the most advanced and powerful detector available, as well as the most expensive. The "Veles" is by far the best detector for those big-game artifact hunters since it provides relatively safe and quick hunting due to its precision in finding those juicy hard-to-reach artifacts in the middle of anomaly fields and it's extended range.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Veles detector normally costs about 2800 rubles but a free one is given once the player joins the Loner faction and eliminates the Bandit's main base. Some can also be found on deceased Loners. One can be found early in the game, in a small dugout near the railway bridge, in the far northwest area of the Swamps (see Hidden Veles Detector for more information). Other than that, you can purchase it from most faction traders after attaining a friendly reputation with the faction and from Professor Sakharov who sells it by default.

It is also required to find the most valuable artifacts.

Call of Pripyat[edit | edit source]

In Call of Pripyat, the Veles detector is now only second-best – though until a certain sidequest is completed it is the best detector available to the player.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Veles can be purchased from Owl after completing The Hit mission pitting the Loners and Bandits against one another, and after completing the Transaction mission. However, it only appears rarely in his inventory. Hawaiian also sells Veles detectors after siding with Freedom in Yanov and getting A Wealthy Client achievement.

  • With A Wealthy Client achievement Owl seems to sell Veles very often, nearly each time visited.
  • The Veles detector can be acquired in the beginning of the game without doing any quests, as they are usually in possession of Zombified Stalkers that wear Exoskeletons. Though it is unlikely to meet such a Zombified Stalker that early, much less kill him, especially on higher difficulties.
  • There is one other way the player can acquire Veles detectors. When undertaking one of Beard's artifact missions, simply wait enough time until an update to the mission occurs (approximately one day). A waypoint will appear on your PDA, leading you to a small band of stalkers searching for the artifact. Killing them will not only yield one or more Veles, it will also allow you to take the artifact for yourself. (Note: If the stalkers succeed to deliver the artifact to Beard, the Beard's artifact mission will be cancelled, BUT you still can get the Veles detector, if the stalker who is holding the detector eventually will be killed, either by mutants or bandits.)
  • There is a chance that you will get the Veles detector in the stash where Snag hid your equipments.
  • Topol has one on his body if you loot him during the psy-emission mission.
  • Gaiduk rarely may have Veles detector in his inventory if you loot him after gunfight near Duty warehouse.

Three Veles detectors are required to complete Owl mission Tempting Business. This will eventually result in the player earning the even more advanced, prototype Svarog detector.

Features[edit | edit source]

Clearly visible VERES on an CoP ingame texture file.

Oddly, the detector in-game actually reads VERES (rather than ВЕЛЕС or VELES) on the plate along the bottom of the device. This is either a mistake on the part of the developer who skinned the model, or evidence that Veles was a name changed at the last second. The latter, however, is doubtful, seeing as this detector has appeared before.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Veles is the Slavonic god of the earth, fertility, and the Underworld.

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