The Volkhov AA Complex is a location within Jupiter in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat . It is a large, mostly surface based complex. It is composed of 3 main buildings in the center of an atom shaped trail formation. One is a medium sized building containing one zombie, It has an armory with an RPG-7u, Two OG-7V warheads, four PMms, 2 f1 grenades, as well as an AKM-74/2 which cannot be accesed from outside, and you can find Sokolovs note containing the combination to the underground. The second building seems to be a red brick garage with a tank outside. 2 zombies will spawn inside this building with another two outside. The third and final building appears to be an underground garage type building.

In order to access the inside you need the code from Sokolov's note, found in the building with the armory. Inside the underground section you will find two groups of Rodents, seperated by a makeshift barrier which you can get across by destroying the pallet board on a vent to the right on entering that section, when the rodents are killed go through the door into the cargo section. Inside you will find one Burer who you will have to kill to get through. When past that section go up the ladder to get into the armory, you can loot what you find and open the door from the inside.

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