Vulture is a minor character who appears in Call of Pripyat. He is the leader of the group of mercenaries hired to kill Degtyarev.

Background[edit | edit source]

Vulture is the leader of one of the many mercenary groups sent to the Zone by an unknown customer in order to find Lab X-8. At some point mercenaries realized that they were running low on supplies and Vulture was tasked with solving this problem. Eventually he contacted a corrupt Duty member named Morgan and managed to arrange a weapon trade with him which Vulture found attractive. In order to cover his tracks, Morgan decided to convey the coordinates of Duty stash (i.e. the source of supplies) to the Freedom faction. Vulture was the one responsible for this mission. Vulture's people are also working as Morgan's bodyguards during his weapon transactions.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Call of Pripyat[edit | edit source]

Vulture will only appear if the player sticks to a certain chain of actions. Here is the description of it:

  • First of all, The Hit mission must be finished without helping any side (i.e. it must be either failed or cancelled)
  • If Degtyarev decides to help Owl with protecting his go-to man during the weapon deal, he will become aware of Morgan's double play thus becoming a flaw in the Duty man's machinations. If Morgan safely gets to the Yanov station he will hire Vulture's men to assassinate the stalker (they won't pursue you on Zaton or Pripyat though).
  • After two unsuccessful attempts to kill him (Degtyarev has to show the PDA he found on one of the asassins' bodies to Morgan), Morgan will offer a deal - Degtyarev excuses him and Morgan allows the stalker to loot the Duty stash.
  • As Degtyarev gets close to Morgan waiting for him near the stash, mercenaries hired by the traitor along with Vulture himself will leave their hiding places and try to kill the major. Degtyarev kills all enemies; Vulture's task to eliminate the stalker has failed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Vulture is one of the characters difficult to encounter. In order to do so, you should complete a rather long sequence of actions as well as refuse to help any side during The Hit.
  • Unlike other leaders of groups of mercenaries in Call of Pripyat, Vulture doesn't carry any valuable PDA with him. It may be explained by the fact that the assassination mission was already described in the PDA Degtyarev found before on a Vulture's man body.
  • Vulture is mentioned in a couple of PDAs belonging to his "colleagues" like Ridge's one and a PDA belonging to Morgan himself.
  • Curiously enough, Vulture and his group in the warehouse are initially neutral to Degtyarev and will turn hostile only if he gets close enough to Morgan.
    • It's even possible to talk to Vulture and ask for escort service which he will agree to provide (though after that he will run to his initial position).
    • Amusingly, if the player asks Vulture what he is currently doing, he will say that he is doing nothing and just trying to relax
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