'Buzz off, Stalker. We don't let every loser go through.'
- Warrant Officer

"Warrant Officer" is the rank of an unnamed Duty stalker stationed the Garbage. He is the squad leader of a team of Duty stalkers who guard the entrance to the Rostok factory from the Garbage. Initially, he will refuse the Marked One's entrance to Rostok until the player gets the documents from the Agroprom Research Institute; wherein Barkeep will talk to the officer to allow him through. Attempting to force one's way to Rostok prior to completing the task of retrieving the documents will result in either you fleeing in time through the gate depending where you are or you being shot.

SOS CallEdit

The SOS call is always given by the Warrant Officer the first time the player approaches the Duty Outpost in the Garbage. Reputation with Duty will increase if you respond to the SOS call.

Attention, everyone! This is the Duty outpost at the Garbage. A horde of mutants is advancing from the Dark Valley towards the Bar. Whoever helps us push back the scum won't regret it. Duty word.
- Warrant Officer


A pretty good job you did there, stalker, shooting those mutants... Nothing spectacular, however, so if you want to go through, you'll have to pay.
- Warrant Officer

If you kill at least 4-5 mutants, the Warrant Officer will grant you permission to the Bar.


You're an idiot, Marked One. Totally useless! Don't expect gratitude - there's nothing to thank you for!
- Warrant Officer

If you fail to kill at least 4 - 5 mutants, the Warrant officer will not trust you, and will only grant you passage to the Bar if you pay him. However, if you carry the briefcase that needs to be delivered from Sidorovich to the Barman, the Warrant Officer will grant you permission to enter after an argument.

Background informationEdit

  • Warrant Officer is a collective set of military ranks, often designating one as a senior Non-Commissioned Officer; thus Warrant Officers are squad-level commanders.


  • He is the only non-Bandit or Loner-Stalker to carry a Sawn- off shotgun in the entire S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. The other warrant officer carries a Tunder.
  • In early versions, you may shoot him with silenced weapon without being attacked by the rest of the Duty stationed there. The door to Rostok will automatically open upon killing him. This is very often exploited for speedrunners.


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