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Waste Processing Station at Zaton


Located in Zaton, the Waste Processing Station is controlled by a small group of Mercenaries, led by Ridge and Hook. Both can be identifed by their Exoskeletons suits. They do not like visitors give a warning to intruders. If this is ignored, they will start shooting. Owl will send you to bring back any information from the mercenaries here.

Approaching the Waste Processing Station[]

The first time you are spotted by the mercenaries, you will get a warning. If you do not leave quickly or get spotted again, walk into the facility, or shoot one of the mercenaries, the group will start firing upon you. They will not leave the station, but will walk around the entire perimeter if needed.

Access Points[]

There is more than one way into the facilities. You can go in quietly, but getting out that way is another matter.

Behind the station[]

Waste Processing Station - Pipe access.jpg

You can sneak into the base if you circle around the back of station and climb up the ladder to a cracked pipe that leads directly to a notebook with the information Owl is looking for. Once you get in, there is no way to sneak out quietly. However, this pathway may be glitched in which the player cannot exit the pipe easily.

There is some Scientific Medkits around here as a stash.

Through the sewers[]

Sewer Access.jpg

If you time the guard patrol just right, you can jump down to the drainage basin and enter the facilities through the sewer access underneath the building without getting spotted. This will get you into the building but the sewer exits are patrolled by guards. Bring a silenced weapon or use your knife if you are attempting this route.


  • After your first warning, the game will auto-save under the title, "approach to the waste processing station", if auto-save (after an important events) is enabled.
  • If you eliminate all the mercenaries in the building, bandits and Stalkers will stop and rest here for a while.
  • The building can be used as a shelter during an emission.
  • Hook's PDA and Ridge's PDA mentions waiting for weapon shipment.
  • An M-203 attachment and 3 M-203 grenades can be found in a truck behind the station, in the spare tire space.