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The Wild Territory used to be the site of a rather large manufacturing plant, currently in ruins. Many Stalkers met their death there, as the place is swarming with all sorts of monsters. The beasts are literally streaming over there from the entire Zone. It is said that something of great importance is hidden at this site, so there are always plenty of daredevils willing to try their luck.

Shadow of Chernobyl PDA description

The Wild Territory, also known as the Dark Territory[1], is a location featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Wild Territory is an area located west of Rostok. Comprised of a heavily industrialized landscape, the location is sprawled with many derelict buildings, trains, and factory equipment long since abandoned since the days after the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The area serves as a passage connecting between Rostok and Yantar, and as such, is often populated by numerous stalkers traveling through the area.

During the Marked One's first visit, Wolfhound and his band of Mercenaries are encountered here, who are attempting to seize Professor Kruglov's research data. Kruglov and his small team of Ecologists are outgunned by them, and requested assistance from the Marked One, to eliminate the mercenaries and protect Kruglov as he heads towards Yantar. Should the player successfully save Kruglov and reaches to Yantar safe and sound, Sakharov will thank the Marked One for saving his assistant, and reward the Marked One with a SSP-99 Ecologist suit.

After dealing with Wolfhound's mercenaries, Loners, Duty members, Bandits and additional Mercenaries will appear throughout the area. Many mutants inhabit the area, ranging from Rodents, Pseudodogs, Bloodsuckers, Snorks, and Blind Dogs. On rare occasions, rarely seen mutants such as a Poltergeist that will appear near the sniper tower, and a Pseudogiant wandering at the train yard can be found here. During the first trip to Yantar, Zombified Stalkers can be seen on the path that leads to Yantar, often walking into the tunnel full of Burner anomalies.

Many Electro anomalies can be seen throughout the area, particularly in the train yard, and the railroads and tunnel that are close by the destroyed Mil Mi-6 helicopter. Starting at midnight, Sparklers, Flash and Moonlight artifacts can be found nearby these anomalies, but it is recommended to have high electrical resistance via Battery artifacts or wearing the appropriate suit before attempting to grab these artifacts. Many other artifacts such as Fireballs, Droplets, and the rare Pellicle can be found here as well.

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  • The Wild Territory is sometimes referred to as "Rostok".
  • Veteran and expert Bandits and Mercenaries can be frequently encountered here.
  • One of the Bandit camps is located behind a cargo carrier in the northern part of the Territory. The opposite side of the carrier is surrounded by Electro anomalies. A player can take advantage of this by luring the Bandits into the anomalies to kill them.
  • Just south of the Mercenary camp, on the path to the Burner filled underpass, there is a semi-collapsed section of a wall that leans on a trailer. It is possible for the player to crouch low, squeeze past the wall, and get behind the trailer; making it a safe place to stop. The position is also perfect for luring Mercenaries into an ambush with little fear of being seriously injured.
  • Stalkers and large groups of mutants will spawn every now and then at the entrance of Wild Territory, in front of the door that leads to Rostok.
  • From the sniper tower, one can drop down onto the set of pipes that extend from here to the main train platforms a bit further on. This route can be quite useful to bypass or shoot the mutants that live around the Big House at the center of the map, since none of them can climb up. From the pipes you can also get onto the roof of the building next to the one with the SEVA suit in it. The pipe and the adjacent rooftops are excellent sniping locations, especially for taking out the Mercenaries at the Construction site.
  • Near the railway tracks, there is a small, partially collapsed tunnel, where one can find the corpse of Gordon Freeman, protagonist of the Half-Life series.
  • It is possible to use the ammo spawn glitch to gain lots of 5.56x45mm ammo, by eliminating all the mercenaries and looting their corpses repeatedly, while storing already looted ammo in the Bar.