The Wild Territory is a pretty large area consisting of large storage hangars, various buildings, railroads and abandoned train wagons. There's plenty of artifacts (including a very rare one) to be found and some pretty good secret stashes, if you can acquire the information about them; you'll also be able to find a unique pistol - the Big Ben.

The first time you enter the Wild Territory be aware that there are four Mercenary snipers ahead all armed with scoped AKM-74/2 rifles. Move closer and take them out while using some of the construction materials as cover. There is another Merc below, wielding a TRs 301 (a great weapon, especially when fitted with a SUSAT scope and possibly a M203 grenade launcher and a Silencer). Once you've dealt with the 5 Mercs here, be sure to loot them; you can also find a Sunrise suit at the end of the elevated area where the snipers are.

When you move on you'll intercept another message - there are more Mercs ahead (including a sniper in a tower to the north-west) so proceed with caution. This area likely has numerous artifacts scattered around, so before you head on make sure to do a proper search.

Missions: Meet Kruglov & Lead Kruglov to YantarEdit

Moving on you may be interrupted be a short in-game cutscene showing you the area ahead, along with a transmission from Professor Kruglov - he, and a number of scientists, are pinned down by Mercs and could use some help. I think maybe because it depends on how you move on - if you move through the radiated building then you won't see the cutscene, but you'll still get the transmission eventually. I personally find that going through the radiated building is the best option since it will get you closer to the scientists, and it's easier for you to stop them from killing their main target, Kruglov. This way will require you to deal with some Mercs before you reach the scientists, but they shouldn't pose a major problem. Keep focus on dealing with the Mercs and rescuing Kruglov - you can always search the area afterwards. Once you reach the scientists be sure to deal with any remaining Mercs - the mission won't be updated until they're all dead so you'll have to make sure yourself. Once the path is clear, go talk to Kruglov. Once you do you'll receive the Lead Kruglov to Yantar mission (if you decide to help him further, that is) and you now have to escort him to the entrance to Yantar (any other surviving ecologists will automatically die at this point, even if no enemies are present). Two times on your way there, Kruglov will warn you about approaching Mercs; he'll stop and wont move until you've dealt with them. The first will come from behind you (from the north or north-east). Next he'll stop and there will be three mercs ahead of you, just around the corner.

You'll finally come to a tunnel filled with Burner anomalies - Kruglov wishes you to go through first to make sure it's safe. Stay near the center island and use bolts to get a clear fix on where the different anomalies are located. The tunnel is also filled with especially Droplets and Fireball artifacts so be sure to pick up as many as you can carry. Once you reach the other side of the tunnel Kruglov will start to move towards you - make sure you eliminate all the Zombified stalkers that may be around so that Kruglov has a clear path.

When Kruglov has made it to the other side, talk to him and he'll give you his flash drive which you can deliver to the Barkeep who will give you 5000 RU for it. He also promises you a scientific suit (which translates to a SSP-99 Ecologist suit) when you visit them at the mobile lab. You can also ask him for some information about the area and the Zone. If asked about Lab X-16 he'll tell you to ask Professor Sakharov at the mobile lab in Yantar.

Now that you have saved Kruglov you may wish to backtrack and loot the Merc (and scientist) corpses, and check out the area for more artifacts. You can find a metal box next to the Mil Mi-6 chopper - it contains some of the still rare 9x39mm SP-5 rounds (used by Big Ben and the the Vintar BC rifle, for example). In this area the corpses of several Ecologists can be found. Next to the train track you can find a dead merc with a RPG-7u grenade launcher and one grenade. As I said on an earlier page, dragging this weapon along is probably just going to be a burden since you wont find any ammo for it, and it is quite a heavy weapon as well.

Just south of the chopper you can find an underground tunnel - this tunnel does not only contain the family rifle mission item but also a unique pistol, Big Ben, some 9x39mm ammo, a Pellicle arfiact, and a dead stalker (who has Gordon's PDA - a small tribute to the Half-Life series). Jump on the various objects - cars, containers, etc. to avoid the anomalies here. The family rifle is in fact just a regular Sawn-off dbl-barrel and you can find it in a container behind the one with the metal box in it. Hunter at the Bar will give you 4000 RU in exchange for completing Find the family rifle mission along with information about a stash inside a house in Wild Territory; the stash contains the excellent SEVA Suit so be sure to pick it up; refer to this page on how to reach the stash.

If you don't wish to head back to the Bar and drop off all the loot you've probably collected by now, there is a blue box stash at the mobile lab in Yantar that you can use - also, Sakharov functions as a trader so you can sell any equipment you don't need.

Notes Edit

  • You can reach the SEVA suit in two ways , either through the window near the railroad car, push a crate under it and enter, however this can be a bit difficult. The second way is to get on the roof from the watchtower with the sniper on, jump on the pipes and go to the building and enter true the roof, be careful since there is a pit there that is hard to get out ! Take enough anti rads and vodka with you and a few anti rad artifacts. Make sure you check out the other rooms also !

Enjoy, Dabur

  • Other useful strategies for early visits to Wild Territory:
  • If you find the free Vintar BC in Army Warehouses beforehand, it really comes into its own on this level. Excluding Wolfhound and his gang, there are 15 Mercenaries emplaced to ambush you and later on, Kruglov.
  • The five in and under the sniper gallery are not much of a problem and you will probably hear Wolfhound's disdain for his late cadre. You have all the time in the Zone to loot, transfer, explore, or even go and do side missions for other NPCs.
  • When you enter the garage area Wolfhound gets activated for a second time - you hear Kruglov speak for the first time (to Wolfhound) and the chopper gets taken down. The three Mercs here are also easily eliminated. Again you are under no time pressure and may loot and traffic at will.
  • Running through the 'hot-shed' is an excellent strategy that allows you to scratch the other seven Mercs from the board and make your life easier later on. Five of the seven may be safely looted too, but leave the pair nearest the tracks alone, since:
  • The Kruglov missions are only triggered when you are within his detection radius and he 'notices' your presence and asks for assistance.
  • Approximately, this equates to:
    • The top of the steps up to the platform (also triggering the cut-scene)
    • Just west of the 'easy' Moonlight in the north of the area.
    • Between the sniper tower and the first bend if you're up on the pipes.
    • The vicinity of the two late Mercs north of the building site.
  • Depending on the time of your arrival, there are plenty of avenues available to meet up with Kruglov and deal with Wolfhound's gang (which usually numbers 5-7)
  • Triggering the Kruglov sequence, and then leaving the map results in a failed mission, as does eliminating the 15 ambushers (but not Wolfhound and his crew) and running on to Yantar without triggering the Kruglov sequence (results in a non-mission), in which case there will be no free SSP-99 Ecologist suit for rescuing Kruglov, no flashdrive to gain 5000 Ru and Brownie points with Duty later on and you will need to escort Assistant Semenov in his place later in the game.
  • In any event, when you return to the Wild Territory from Yantar later on, ALL of the involved Merc and combatant Ecologist bodies will have been removed from the board, as will Kruglov if you failed (or didn't receive) his rescue mission. Only the placement Ecologist bodies around the chopper will remain. So it may be best to loot before you leave for Yantar in the first instance.

Trivia Edit

  • If the cutscene is not triggered as a prelude to the Kruglov mission sequence, it still remains as a fly-over sequence that is trigger-able when the player enters the stair-top area from any direction at any time later in the game. This usually proves to be deadly as before camera will make its flight, player ends up in hands of bloodsuckers and snorks roaming around, sometimes also accompanied by dogs. Using the Big House roof to thin the wildlife is helpful.
  • Additionally, dodging the cutscene (avoiding the steps) gains the player the several minutes during which the cutscene plays, to flank Wolfhound and his cronies, and launch an attack while their attention is focused in the direction of the Ecologists.
  • Occasionally, there is a random spawn of an extra four Mercs either as you enter Wild Territory or around the garage area.
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