The Wild Territory used to be the site of a rather large manufacturing plant, currently in ruins. Many Stalkers met their death there, as the place is swarming with all sorts of monsters. The beasts are literally streaming over there from the entire Zone. It is said that something of great importance is hidden at this site, so there are always plenty of daredevils willing to try their luck.

Shadow of Chernobyl

The dominant foes in the Wild Territory are Mercs, but you will also come upon Bandits. Among the mutants you can meet are Rodents , Pseudodogs , Bloodsuckers, Snorks, and Blind Dogs. Once you've been to Wild Territory a couple of times, you may even encounter a Poltergeist near the sniper tower. Finally, near the entrance to Yantar you will intitially run into Zombified Stalkers. Pseudogiants are rarely seen in the train yard.

The mercs are usually located in the abandoned construction site towards Yantar, primarily inhabiting the third floor. This can be both potentially problematic and useful for the player. The Mercenaries usually carry scoped weapons, meaning that they can take pot shots at the player from very far away. However, due to their high position they usually fight with mutants and other stalkers as well. Sparring often with Blind Dogs, they'll win hands down, but from time to time a Bloodsucker appears, wiping out the mercs; meaning the player can loot their high value goods, providing they can deal with the Bloodsucker.

The Bandits are a much larger problem, especially on higher difficulties. They usually inhabit the small building near the Rostok entrance, after the initial mercs have been cleared out. Although bandits are normally no major threat, in enclosed places the sawn-offs and other weapons they carry can be deadly. The threat the Bandits pose is usually mitigated by a contingent of Duty members that congregate just outside the building after the Mercenaries are wiped out.

Several artifacts may be found in the Electro anomalies, one particular holds a Moonlight and Sparkler, next to small toolshed (careful as there are two anomalies on top of each other) , a few can be found near the gate at the end of the back loading dock next to the crashed helicopter. Best time to get them is in the night . You have to step into the Electro anomalies to get them by using four or five Electro Battery, they can be obtained from Hunter at the bar doing the bloodsucker mission . At least three or four Flash can be found also . Note that the bandits after a revisit will have a good chance of holding the Flash artifact also.

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  • The Wild Territory is sometimes referred to as "Rostok".
  • One of the Bandit camps is located behind a cargo carrier in the northern part of the Territory. The opposite side of the carrier is surrounded by Electro anomalies. It takes little effort to attract the Bandit group and lure them into the anomalies.
  • Just south of the Mercenary camp, on the path to the Burner filled underpass, there is a semi collapsed section of wall that leans on a trailer. It is possible for the player to crouch low, squeeze past the wall, and get behind the trailer; making it a safe place to stop. The position is also perfect for luring Mercenaries into an ambush with little fear of being seriously injured.
  • Staying in the Wild Territory for long periods of time is not advised, as every 15 minutes or so a huge swarm of mutants spawns at the Bar end of the level including Bloodsuckers, Blind Dogs, Pseudodogs, Rodents and Snorks.
  • From the sniper tower, one can drop down onto the set of pipes that extend from here to the main train platforms a bit further on. This route can be quite useful to bypass or shoot the mutants that live around the big overgrown building at the center of the map, since none of them can climb up. From the pipes you can also get onto the roof of the building next to the one with the SEVA suit in it. The pipe and the adjacent rooftops are excellent Sniping locations, especially for taking out the Mercs at the construction site
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