Come to me. You will gain what you deserve. Your wish will soon come true. Come to me. Your path is ending. Come to me. Only one will be rewarded.

The Wish Granter

The Wish Granter (also referred to as The Monolith) is a device that grants the wishes of those worthy enough to reach its resting place deep within the bowels of the Sarcophagus at the Chernobyl NPP.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The fire cracked silently as four Stalkers sat around it. The night was silent, only a small wind and the rustling of grass and leaves to fill the ears. One of the men spoke up suddenly: "Have you children heard the tale of the Monolith?" Hearing no replies, the man continued, "You see, in the center of the Zone, stands the Nuclear Power Plant. Many have tried to reach it, and almost all of them have failed. Their ambitions were mountains of artifacts and gold, and anything else their greedy minds could think of. But their ideas had a reason; they all had heard and tried to get to the place most sacred for the Monolith bastards."

"They all tried to get to the Wish Granter - a being, or a place, only God knows what it is, in the Plant, that can grant you your wildest wishes! Mountains of artifacts, eternal glory, fame, hills of money, immortality - everything. Possibilities a man couldn't spend in a lifetime! All the Wish Granter asks in return is a small payment, but what it is, children, I'll leave you to find out."

In the morning, the elderly Stalker had left, leaving nothing but an echo from the story. Strelok, Ghost and Fang would never see the man again.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Standing tall in the ruined Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the Wish Granter is a legend among the Stalkers of the Zone. Rumors say, that the Monolith will grant any wish given, starting from eternal glory to limitless power.

In reality, however, it is much more sinister. The Wish Granter is a trap created by the C-Consciousness to protect its secret. After a 'wish' has been granted, the Zone expands by 5 km in all directions. The wish itself is an illusion or a violent trick. Not many have reached the Wish Granter, and there are no confirmed information of anyone coming back after visiting it, with a head not full of Monolith lies and brain washing. One possible exception could be the Doctor who, as rumor has it, managed to reach it and come back alive still as a human. However, this is just a tale or a myth that became a part of local folklore rather than a fact.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  1. Your objective (goal) is here. Come to me. (Tvoya tsel zdes. Idi ko mne. // Твоя цель здесь. Иди ко мне.) (Твоя цель здесь. Иди ко мне.)
  1. Your path is coming to end. Come to me. (Tvoy put' zavershaetsa. Idi ko mne. // Твой путь завершается. Иди ко мне.) (Твой путь завершается. Иди ко мне.)
  1. Only one will be rewarded. (Voznagrazhdon budet tol'ko odin. // Вознаграждён будет только один.) (Вознаграждён будет только один.)
  1. Your wish will soon be granted. Come to me. (Tvoyo zhelaniye skoro ispolnitsya. Idi ko mne. // Твоё желание скоро исполняется. Иди ко мне.) (Твоё желание скоро исполнится.)
  1. The time has come. I see your wish. (Preeshlo vremja. Ya vizhu tvoyo zhelanie. // Пришло время. Я вижу твоё желание.) (Пришло время. Я вижу твоё желание.)
  1. Your path has come to an end, human. Come to me. (Put' zavershon, chelovek. Idi ko mne // Путь завершён, человек. Иди ко мне.) (Путь завершён, человек. Иди ко мне.)
  1. Come to me. You will get what you deserve. (Idi ko mne. Ti obretyosh to, chto zasluzhivaesh // Иди ко мне. Ты обретёшь то, что заслуживаешь.) (Иди ко мне. Ты обретёшь то, что заслуживаешь.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When wandering inside the interior of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, you will hear an alluring voice

    The wish granter

    The Wish Granter speaking to the player.

    speak to you in Russian. It is believed that this voice is the Wish Granter luring the player closer to it, leading many to believe that the Wish Granter was developed to distract stalkers on their way to the site of C-Consciousness. This is confirmed by the English versions of the Wish Granter's voice, not used in the final game.
  • The Wish Granter is standing on an almost untouched site, (at least, as untouched as anything is in the zone) of Reactor #4 of the Lenin Memorial Power Plant. This leads to the question of how invaders were supposed to reach the Wish Granter at all; Stalkers are most unlikely to reach it due to massive amounts of radiation within the reactor room which is potent enough to corrode the life-support apparatus of a HAZMAT suit. Either the C-Consciousness managed to neutralize the radiation within the Sarcophagus or simply an oversight on the developer's part is not clearly explained. While standing on the NPP roof, there are gaps in the Sarcophagus which spew incredibly potent amounts of radiation, capable of fully irradiating the player instantly. The radiation escaping through these gaps may allow the interior to be slightly more survivable for a well-equipped Stalker. It may also be that the many Noosphere emissions and the "rift" described by the C-Consciousness, which effectively had breaks reality's boundaries, may have purged the sarcophagus from the majority of radioactivity.
  • An alternate theory to the above-mentioned paradox could be that, since the Wish Granter's existence is not confirmed by anyone, the actual Wish Granter the player witnesses within the reactor is merely a hallucination brought upon by the extreme struggle or hazards of simply reaching it, and that the player may in-fact already have been killed by radiation prior to approaching the Wish Granter. This is possibly supported by the fact that it's possible to look through the gaps of the roof of Reactor 4 after having the truth of the C-Consciousness revealed, discovering that the inside of the Reactor is only rubble, and nothing resembling the glowing monolith is present. Due to an uncommon bug, it's also possible to fall in there, but the floor is very unstable and there's a high chance of getting beyond the map. It's also impossible to get back to the roof.
  • It's still possible to get a false ending even after talking to Guide and Doctor. This is done by simply going back to the Wish Granter, and pressing the "use" key. This will trigger whatever false ending is appropriate to the player's situation, regardless of the fact they've got the decoder or not.
  • Even after talking to C-Consciousness and failing the mission to get to Wish Granter you can get to it by walking back to power plant and then opening doors using the Gauss Rifle bug. The Wish Granter is not damaged by any means and can be normally used.
  • The Wish Granter itself seems to be based on "The Monkey's Paw", a short horror story by W. W. Jacobs. Like the Monkey's Paw, when someone makes a wish to the Wish Granter, the Wish Granter answers the wish in a way that is always detrimental to the wish-maker. For example, when Strelok asks for the zone to disappear, the Wish Granter makes him blind, essentially "disappearing" the Zone to him.
  • According to STALKER Design Document v1.4 from March 2002, the Wish Granter (referred to as the Black Monolith) instead of being an illusion was supposed to be an evolutionary module created by civilizations older than Earth's bacteria. The Monolith was supposed to control the evolution of all creatures on Earth to breed a race of conscious immortal beings with the help of viruses, natural disasters and war. Civilizations perished under it's rule until humankind appeared. 1000 years ago the Monolith was damaged and fell to the Earth, forming a 10 kilometer Zone around the CNPP. It is it that was supposed to be responsible for the mutation of the Zone fauna.

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