Damn hippies with their slippers and mesh bags looking for "adventure" or friggin' nerds who hasn't held anything but a microscope in their girly little hands. Such posers don't last long here.
- Wolf

Wolf (Russian: Волк) is a Veteran Loner appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Wolf takes care of newbie Stalkers at the rookie village in the Cordon. He plans to get out of the Zone one day, but never makes it out since, as he puts it, the "rookies need him". He has several right hand men, including Petruha. He also has a brother named Hound, who is also a Stalker.


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Shadow of Chernobyl In Shadow of Chernobyl, Wolf will actually leave the rookie village after the X18 mission after, according to Fanatic, he got a message from a Stalker passing by. He packed his things, along with a box of dynamite, and went off. He travels to the Army Warehouses where, due to a glitch in the game, he almost always dies. One can usually find him right next to the fire in the stalker out-door camp in the center of the map in the Army Warehouses. Like any NPC stays near fire, they all have high chances to die because they respawn right into the fire.
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You only have to talk to him once at the beginning, despite what many believe you can still play the game if you don't talk to him after you rescued Nimble.


Wolf provides one of the very first storyline missions; to aid Petruha in retaking the vehicle park, and gives the player a PMm upon accepting the mission. Afterwards, he hands out two optional quests; destroy the Boar lair east of the village, and kill the mutants in the farmhouse north of the railway.

Clear Sky


Wolf in Clear Sky

Wolf assumes a lesser role and simply provides information to Scar, either about Sidorovich or about the rookie village or about himself. He also greets Scar upon his first time visiting the village. He gives one stash coordinate containing two medkits and three bandages in exchange for 450 rubles. The stash is found in a green crate near the left side fence of the army outpost at the fallen tree. There is also a crate of Energy drinks behind him, which are free.


Wolf has two quests, both of which involve helping other Stalkers. The first quest involves helping Drifter fight off a pack of blind dogs, and the second requires the player to rescue Wolf's brother, Hound, who is kept hostage by a Bandit gang. He gives a reward of 750 rubles for saving Drifter and 1500 rubles for saving Hound.


  • For some reason, Wolf is wearing a gasmask in Clear Sky and never shows his face. Though in all games he still carries his AKSU-74 and his trademark is his kindness to strangers coming and going through the rookie village.
  • If Wolf manages to travel to the Army Warehouses he sometimes will become hostile to the player, due to a glitch.
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