Damn hippies with their slippers and mesh bags looking for "adventure" or friggin' nerds who hasn't held anything but a microscope in their girly little hands. Such posers don't last long here.
- Wolf

Wolf (Russian: Волк) is a Veteran Loner appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Wolf takes care of newbie stalkers at the rookie village in the Cordon. He plans to get out of the Zone one day, but never makes it out since, as he puts it, the "rookies need him".[1] He has several right hand men, including Petruha. He also has a brother named Hound, who is also a stalker.

He seems to despise mercenaries[2].


Shadow of Chernobyl

Wolf is found in the rookie village at the beginning of the game. After the player takes Sidorovich's mission to rescue Nimble from bandits, he will provide the player his starting loadout, including a hunting knife, a PMm pistol along with ammunition for it, and will point the player towards Petruha and his squad. If the player talks again after rescuing Nimble, he will give the player a Jellyfish artifact.

He hands out two optional missions:

After completing the Lab X-18 mission, Wolf will vanish from the village. According to Fanatic, he got a message from a stalker passing by, packed his things, along with a box of dynamite, and went off. After that, Wolf can be found in the central camp in the Army Warehouses along with Smartass and Father Diodor, or random stalkers in case the latter two were killed. He cannot provide missions at this point, and will remain at the camp for the rest of the game.

Clear Sky


Wolf in Clear Sky

This is a rookie village, not a mercenary camp, buddy.
- Wolf to Scar

Wolf assumes a lesser role and simply provides information to Scar, either about Sidorovich or about the rookie village or about himself. He also greets Scar upon his first time visiting the village. He gives one stash coordinate containing two medkits and three bandages in exchange for 450 rubles. The stash is found in a green crate near the left side fence of the army outpost at the fallen tree. There is also a crate of Energy drinks behind him, which are free.

Wolf provides two side missions. The first quest involves helping Drifter fight off a pack of blind dogs, and the second requires the player to rescue Wolf's brother, Hound, who is kept hostage by bandits. He gives a reward of 750 rubles for saving Drifter and 1500 rubles for saving Hound.


SoC Wolf grave

Wolf's grave

  • Wolf may fall victim to mutant attacks whereupon the player loses the opportunity to complete his sidequests.
  • If Wolf manages to travel to the Army Warehouses he sometimes will become hostile to the player, due to a glitch.
  • For some reason, attacking stalkers at Wolf's camp in the Army Warehouses will not result in Wolf getting hostile to the player.
  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, within the Army Warehouses, one can find a grave bearing various names, including that of Wolf with the dates "1989 - 2014". While 1989 could refer to his actual date of birth, it is likely this is not canon since Shadow of Chernobyl is set in 2012, two years before Wolf's presumed "death". Ironically, this grave is found atop a hill just beside the camp where he is found.


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