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Yoga is the leader of the Bandits faction in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

The man himself[]

He is a laid back man with apparently plenty of connections, quite possibly including the Military. He, Borov, and several other ex-cons formed together the bandits as an organized group. However, it is unclear exactly how competent Yoga is as a leader due to several reasons: He hints to having risen - in typical Bandit fashion - up the ranks by killing or removing his rivals, rather than being elected into this position by his fellow Bandits.

Furthermore, he does not seem to have achieved much coordination amongst his men nor do 'The Boys' seem particularly motivated: Bandit attacks during Clear Sky, and in particular successful ones, are few indeed. The man enjoys mocking fellow Bandits, viciously attacking those in the lower ranks (as seen with Stringov and Spotty) as well as 'getting fat' as Borov would put it. This is supported by the large amount of canned food sitting in a crate behind him (ironically, Borov becomes just as, if not, fatter than Yoga during Shadow of Chernobyl). Moreover, it seems unlikely that such an individual would care much for the discipline and equipment of his men: As such, it is likely that the Bandit faction is indeed breaking apart under his rule rather than condensing. Therefore, the Bandit groups in the Agroprom and in Limansk are probably splinter groups of miscontents who were no longer satisfied with serving under Yoga.

Factors such as these seem to legitimise Yoga's 'resignation' and Borov's ascent to power between Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl.

Interaction with the player[]

During Yoga's reign in Clear Sky, the player goes to him to join the bandit faction but not before proving himself with a job, which involves killing a digger named Stringov near the bus stop for the delay in paying his debts. When confronting Stringov, the player may choose to either execute him on the spot or bargain with him for the coordinates of a weapon smuggler's stash that contains several assault rifles, located in the trunk of a derelict car. Even if the player should spare Stringov in exchange for the stash coordinates, the bandits will still kill him, thinking he got nervous and fled.

After that, one must clear out the flea market of diggers; once done, the player will be awarded a pocket change of 1000 rubles by Tooth, and can talk to Yoga and demand a bigger pay, whereupon Yoga will give the coordinates of a stash with a fully modified Kora-919. You can also ask Tooth for 2000 more rubles. As an additional prize, it is confirmed that there are at least two artifacts in the anomaly cluster near the stash given by Yoga.


  • In Call of Pripyat, it is implied that Yoga's group left the zone after mugging a large group of stalkers heading towards Oasis, leaving Yoga as the Bandit leader. With his ever dwindling list of allies having been stripped bare, Yoga was presumably slaughtered by Borov soon after.
  • Job Bug: After doing the Job given by Yoga, Tooth will, instead of rewarding the player with 1000 rubles, take the 1000 rubles from the player. This bug was confirmed to be fixed in the 1.5.05 patch.
  • Yoga also had another minor bug that had him walking out of the Bandit base and out to the Garbage when there is an attack on the outer perimeter of the base. This made him vulnerable to outside hostilities. You can also kill him for his prized Black Kite, though this eliminates any chance of joining the Bandit faction.