An abandoned and crashed ZAZ-968M in the Cordon

A less damaged ZAZ-968M

The Zaporozhets was a series of subcompact cars designed and built from 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine until 1994. It was popular in ex-Soviet nations for being an economical vehicle which a working man could afford, simillar to Volkswagen's Beetle. The ZAZ-968 series cars included a rear mounted engine and compact design. The ZAZ-968M was a later variant of the 968 series which included the removal of the rear external air intakes along with multiple variants for disabled people.

This vehicle appears in the entire series and they are found almost everywhere in the zone, most probably left behind by the former inhabitants of Chernobyl. Oddly though, there are some stashes that are contained inside ZAZ-968Ms but in it's rear trunk, this would be weird as the car's engine is located in the back and would be a somewhat unusual place to hide one's items as there would barely any space to store anything.

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