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Zulu is a Loner appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. A former member of Duty, he left the faction shortly after the ceasefire between Duty and Freedom in Yanov. He accompanies the player on the journey to Pripyat through the Jupiter underground.

He is known to be among the very few Stalkers in the Zone who can sense an emission approaching long before any visible early warning signs could manifest. He is also solitary and a heavy drinker.


Zulu was part of the Duty detachment led by Shulga sent to gain a foothold in the center of the Zone. Upon arrival at Yanov, they were engaged in a fierce firefight with Loki and his men. During the ordeal, Zulu alerted both sides of an impending emission, forcing the factions to ceasefire and shelter together within Yanov Station.

Zulu was later involved in negotiations to have Yanov Station be neutral territory to be shared by both Duty and Freedom. However, following another skirmish between the factions, he resigned from Duty and settled at a nearby tower as a Free Stalker.

In the past, Zulu had worked with Noah prior to the latter losing his mind.

Call of Pripyat[]

In order to reach Pripyat, the player is advised by Nitro to form a team to accompany him to the dead city. Nitro immediately suggests visiting Zulu as he is already well-known in the area.

The player informs Zulu of the plan to form a squad to journey through the highly-dangerous tunnels running under the Jupiter factory and reach Pripyat. During the discussion (and several rounds of drinks), Zulu agrees to accompany the player and advises recruiting more men and acquiring proper equipment for venturing underground.

Upon arrival at Pripyat, the player and any surviving members of the squad are immediately cornered by Tarasov and his men, forcing the player to reveal their identity as an undercover Military Stalker. This revelation disgusts Zulu who leaves the party to wander the city alone.

He can later be found fending off a horde of snorks at the School. If rescued and brought back to the Laundromat, Zulu rewards the player with his RP-74. He will stay at the Laundromat for a while before disappearing from the game.

Alternatively, Zulu can be found dead at the School during the evacuation if the player does not rescue him.

If Zulu survives, he returns to Rostok. Afterwards, he is later seen leading a large group of Stalkers to the center of the Zone. Conversely, if he dies, he is posthumously honoured by General Voronin with Duty's highest commendation.

Zulu can also help the player in with the theft of the player's personal box at Yanov. He will tell the player that he had recently heard some kind of shootout near the Substation.

Free Play[]

You can try to make Zulu stay in the game after completing the game. To do this, you need to complete all the military storyline quests without going to the school where he hangs out at. When the last storyline quest "Unknown" appears, you have to run to the school, and help Zulu. After a fight, you should click on the last branch of "Let's go then" in the conversation, because, if you send him to the laundry room alone, there is a risk of not finding him at all. So, Degtyarev is at the laundry, and Zulu is already inside of it. Then you have to talk to start the evacuation. Zulu will help fight zombies near the base, but he won't go to the theater. The military will evacuate, the helicopters will fly away, and, after returning to the laundry room, the player will find Zulu.

The player has two options: 1) take Zulu's RP-74, and he'll disappears from the game, or 2) Zulu will run out of the base with the stalkers, and will defend their base. If the player has the achievement "Friend of Stalkers", Zulu will try to help Degtyarev along with the other stalkers. Zulu does not move far from the base, so he can provide fire support from a distance.



  • After saving Zulu at the School, the player can buy from him his RP-74 and ammo for it. This makes it possible for acquiring another RP-74 as Zulu will later reward the player with it upon returning to the Laundromat.
    • After giving his LMG to the player, he will use a Chaser 13.
  • The prototype for Zulu's character model was a member of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: RealPlayer project - Sergey Leshchenko.
  • Zulu has an RP-74 mounted on a shelf in his tower. However, it is a prop and cannot be interacted. It will stay there even after departing for Pripyat.
  • Zulu has a greater tolerance to alcohol than the protagonist as evidenced by the player character collapsing from inebriety after several bottles while Zulu remains in control of his faculties.
  • Zulu knows Noah, mentioning that they had been partners for a time before the latter became mentally unhinged.
    • Interestingly, while discussing assembling a squad, Zulu and the player consider Noah as a candidate for the trip to Pripyat. However, when the player converses with Noah, either the option to recruit him does not appear or he will decline.
  • Zulu is a Loner, like Brome, but he still wears his Duty armor. His suit is also the only one of its kind in the game.
  • There is a very rare bug where Zulu disappears from the game after the player arrives at Pripyat. He does not appear at the School but the player can still kill the snorks that spawn there and trigger Zulu's 'good' ending.
  • Even though Zulu is a Loner, when fighting the snorks, he shouts out the standard phrases of Duty.
  • If Zulu dies in the underpass, the door out of tunnel will be broken down by either Sokolov, the player, or any other surviving member of the squad.
  • Even though Zulu is well-equipped to deal with combat situations, he is less likely to survive the trip to Pripyat as his main weapon is a light machine gun which takes a long time to reload and has poor accuracy.