Zulu is the minor character of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, a former duty member who left the group at his will and joined the loners. He can help Degtyarev go through the "Pripyat 1".

Background[edit | edit source]

Zulu likes to drink and think alone. During the the breakthrough of Duty members to the Zone Center, he was part of Shulga's group. On the way to the Yanov station there was a firefight between Duty and Freedom. During the battle, Zulu sensed signs of an Emission. The units had to postpone disagreements and take cover at the Yanov station. After negotiations, clans decided that Yanov will be the neutral territory of both factions. Zulus played a major role in this reconciliation. However, after another clash of factions, he left "Duty" and settled in a tower near the station, becoming a free stalker.

Plot[edit | edit source]

To investigate the causes of failure Fairway operation Alexander Degtyarev had to get to Pripyat. It turned out, that if he wants to get to the city, he has to go through the abandoned tunnel. But it would be dangerous to walk throught the pathway alone, so Nitro advises Degtyarev to find a group of stalker and sends them to Zulus, who lives near Yanov.

Degtyarev finds himself in the Zulus habitat and informs him of his plans. Zulus offers the major a drinks. After sleeping for 24 hours Degtyarev got up and agree with Zulus about the trip, provided he gets SEVA suit. Zulus also recommends Degtyarev to recruit a group.

When the team is ready to go, Zulus and the team takes Nitrogen and then move to the Jupiter factory. Nitrogen, using his technical skills, starts the elevator and the squad moves on.

After getting out of Pripyat 1, he leaves Degtyarev's group. He can be find near School after completing quest with Gauss Gun. He will have a fight with snorks. If player will help him, Zulus gives Degtyarev his RP-74. After taking the gift, he'll dissapear from the game.

Zulus can help the player in the "Theft" quest. He'll tell Degtyaryev that he recently heard some kind of shootout near the Substation (but if Zulus died in the Pripyat 1 tunnel before the Theft quest, Kostoprav will tell it himself).

Freeplay[edit | edit source]

You can try to make Zulu stay in the game after completing the game. To do this, you need to complete all the military storyline quests without going to school. When the last storyline quest "Unknown" appears, you have to run to school and help Zulu. After a fight, you should click on the last branch of "Let's go then" in the conversation, because if you send him to the laundry room alone, there is a risk of not finding him at all. So, Degtyarev is at the laundry, and Zulu is already inside of it. Then you have to talk to start the evacuation. Zulu will help fight zombies near the base, but he won't go to the theater. The military will evacuate, the helicopters will fly away, and, after returning to the laundry room, player will find Zulu.

Player has two options: to take Zulu's RP-74 and he'll disappears from the game, or Zulu will run out of the base with the stalkers and will defend their base. If player has an achievement "Friend of Stalkers", Zulu will try to help Degtyarev along with the other stalkers. Zulu does not move far from the base, so he can provide fire support from a distance.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After saving Zulu from the snorks, you can buy his RP-74 and ammo for it. He also gives another one RP-74 to Degtyarev as a gift.
    • After giving his machine gun to the player, he'll use Chaser 13.
  • The real prototype of character was a member of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: RealPlayer project - Sergey Leshchenko.
  • After leaving Pripyat, Zulu will leave his spare RP-74 in the tower, but you still can't take it.
  • Zulu is more resistant to alcohol than the protagonist, because when Degtyarov just wakes up, Zulus is already sitting like nothing happened.
  • Zulu knows Noah, and they were partners for a while, before Noah went crazy.
  • Zulu is a Loner, like Brome, but he wears Duty uniform and was retired. His suit is also the only one of its kind in Call of Pripyat.
  • Zulu has a very rare bug. He can disappear from the Pripyat location forever, but you can still kill those snorks and get good ending with Zulu.
  • Even though Zulu is actually a Loner, during a shootout with snorks in Pripyat, he shouts out the standard phrases of Duty.
  • Zulu will die in Pripyat, if player won't help him.
    • If Zulu dies in the overpass, the door out of tunnel will be broken down by Sokolov or Degtyarev.
  • Even though Zulu is well equipped (coveralls and weapons), he is less likely to survive the trip to Pripyat, because his main weapon is a RP-74, which takes quite a long time to reload and has poor accuracy.
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