Zulu is a former Duty member, a veteran who appears only in Call of Pripyat.

Background Edit

Zulu is a hermit, a former member of Duty who is partly responsible for the Yanov station being shared by both Duty and Freedom. After Freedom had taken over the station, he sensed an impending blowout - and Freedom couldn't stand to let fellow stalkers, even if they were Duty, die in such a way. Shortly after, both factions agreed to share the station with Loners acting as a buffer. Zulu left Duty, however keeping his suit and RP-74 and became a hermit, taking up watch inside the tower near the station.

He also appears to have a great scorn against anyone affiliated with the Military, which is referenced how he despised Major Degtyarev when he revealed himself as a USS agent and the rest of the Stingray survivors when they confronted the Major's squad after exiting the Pripyat underground tunnels.

Appearances Edit

Call of Pripyat Edit

An expert soldier, he gladly volunteers to join the player on his trip through the Yanov Underground, ensuring the player has at least one character accompanying him for the trip.

Despite being a battle hardened stalker Zulu has surprisingly low durability - he will very likely die during the crossing through the underground despite holding probably best weapon from any member of group and having very good combat suit. If he dies, in the ending General Voronin posthumously awards him the Order of the Silver Shield - the highest medal of honor for the Duty faction.


Zulu as he appears in-game.

However, after making it through the Underground, Zulu acts with aggravation at the presence of the Military and abandons the rest of the team. He leaves the player out of anger just after reaching the surface and finding out the player is in fact from USS. He can be found again in Pripyat, located in the school, where the player can save him from attacking mutants. If saved, he will give the player his unique RP-74. He will only be located in the anomaly next to the school after the player has done the first mission for the military units.

If he survives, or the player does not encounter him in Pripyat, Garry escorts him back to Yanov. After that he leaves for Rostok to rejoin Duty and returns with a unit assembled from Duty's finest, contributing to the post-evacuation population of Pripyat.

Zulu's RP-74 glitch Edit

Zulu also has a glitch associated with him. After you save him from the snorks, you will have the option of either following him or 'finishing your business' .Select the second option and Zulu will start walking away. Talk with him again and trade. He will have his RP-74 available for sale. If you have enough cash, buy it and go to the laundromat leaving him behind. When you get to the laundromat, he will either already be there or will get there after you sleep. Chat with him and he will give you another RP-74, the only difference being that this RP-74 will be slightly damaged.

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TWO of Zulu's unique RP-74's.

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