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This weapon was previously owned by Zulu. Its special features include an enlarged ammo box and a particularly reliable retracting mechanism design. The modifications meant an increase in the weapon's weight, but that wasn't a problem for the last owner.

In-game description

The Zulu's RP-74 is a unique variant of RP-74 light machine gun featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Hah! It's not great, it's the best in the Zone. It's modified, so it's a touch on the heavy side, but then you don't need to run when you've got that kind of cannon on you - let the enemy do the running!

Zulu describing his weapon

The ex-Dutyer known as Zulu uses his own variant of the RP-74. Compared to the normal RP-74, Zulu's version has a 50% increased magazine capacity and is much more reliable. However, like the Tank Machine Gun (a unique RP-74 featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky), it weighs a great deal more (10 kg instead of 7.5).

It is a not great weapon to use with fire rate upgrades, as the player is likely to burn through ammunition quickly, and the durability is likely to quickly deteriorate due to the rate of fire. In addition, the magazine capacity can be increased to a massive 250 rounds, reducing the need to reload during combat. However, due to the increased weight and heavy ammunition, the player is likely to have to 'clean' their inventory in order to save weight for other gear. An Exoskeleton is recommended as it allows the player to carry much more gear than other armors.


Zulu's RP 74, mounted on a shelf, as seen in his Yanov cabin.

It can only be acquired in two areas - in the Pripyat Underground, if Zulu dies, and in Pripyat itself, if Zulu survives.

If Zulu dies during the trip, his weapon can be retrieved from the ground, although the player will likely need to carry not too much equipment in order to be able to carry it to Pripyat without having to toss gear in order to save weight capacity. It is worth noting that due to being a valuable weapon, other teammates are likely to pick it up, forcing the player to kill their teammates in order to recover the weapon. As such, if Zulu dies, run towards his body and quickly grab the weapon before anyone else.

In case he survives, he can be found at the School after the first mission for Kovalsky. He will be fighting a horde of Snorks. If the player helps him clear the mutants, he will go to the Laundromat (the player can offer to escort him to the building, but it won't matter if they do not). Afterwards, he is found at the Laundromat. The player can talk to him and he will give the Major his unique weapon. Notice that this must be done before exploring Lab X-8, otherwise he'll disappear along with his weapon.


It is possible to acquire two of Zulu's RP-74s. This can be done by rescuing him at the School, but not escorting him to the Laundromat. Trade with him and he should have one of Zulu's RP-74 in his inventory. With enough money (~25000 RU), buy it from him, and let him go to the Laundromat. After a while, return there, speak to him and he will give the player a second one.