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If you've had enough of this in the Zone, come up and pop off a few targets. Unlike the ones out there: these don't shoot back

Major Zvyagintsev

Major Zvyagintsev is a member of the Duty faction during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Major is an intense, direct man, about 30-35 years old with full lips and round eyes. He speaks in a low voice, has a direct gaze and a hint of insolent behavior, though not as insolent as Mitay. Typically, he wears a hood with goggles.[1]

He was originally a leader of a special forces battalion, though he claims it wasn't Spetsnaz and one of the original members of Duty. He was sent to the Zone on a covert mission: they were parachuted deep in the Zone, close to the center, his entire battalion was wiped out after the Zone released an emission with him being the only survivor.[2]

Before joining Duty his life in the Zone was hell, especially when he ran out of rations and had to eat things so gross that thinking about it almost makes him puke. He spent months roaming the Zone until he came across a few survivors of a military expedition which would be the founding members of Duty. [3]


Clear Sky[]

He hosts a shooting range near the top entrance of the Duty base where the player can earn money by beating the Major's expectations.


  • If player stands in front of him with a weapon out and rapidly presses the use key he will punch the player and take the player's weapon out of his hands.


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